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World oil Cultural Park - Chinese tourism scenic spots

World oil Cultural Park - Chinese tourism scenic spots

World oil Cultural Park is located in the Rang Hulu district of the West Lake Street. Covers an area of 2.8 square kilometers. China's top theme park, is expected to be completed in 2000.

  The oil-park culture theme, in the western divided into six regions: the orchard areas, nursery areas, the European park, park in the Middle East, non - Park and eco-agriculture areas. 12 bridge design. One cable-stayed bridge cables, the Nanpu Bridge Yiyun; map Teng bridge column, showing the lives of ancient people's advocate, Islamabad, about the Arab Bridge in the night sky occurred in the mysterious story. Oil is 24 m high mountain, the amount of 100,000 cubic meters of earth. Kok rockery built two 50-meter-long artificial tunnel, and tour buses were road tunnel.

World oil city of Daqing Cultural Park is a pioneering undertaking, which shows a series of deep-seated cultural landscape of the industry. It will be a more profound scientific truth resides in an easy pleasure, visitors here not only increase knowledge, Yuet the physical and mental.

A total of the entire park covers an area of 2,800,000 square meters, the park features 8: ecological garden area, modern culture, entertainment and service areas, eco-agriculture demonstration zones to mark the forest, orchard nursery areas, the management of forest areas and landscape protection. Wu Tong 80,000 square meters of waters and associated Drainage, fish ponds, irrigation, as well as the completion of Nampo like cable-stayed bridge, bridge and castle as the Islamic Bridge, Stone Bridge Bridge 12 different shapes, sizes bridge; built with European-style, Africa and the Middle East oil producing countries in the typical style of landscape architecture; and a pile of 24 meters high "oil Mountain", artificial Qiao And falls; also have a wide value of more than 60 varieties, a total of 300,000 trees, orchards, nurseries and windbreaks have begun to take shape.

World oil city of Daqing is a cultural park by the Daqing Petroleum Administration Bureau launched a far-sighted and cultural characteristics of the construction project and its significance far the building of a People of leisure pleasure garden, the contractor at the center of the intention of those who, like the original Huang Ji is monotonous on the land of the North to open up some kind of oil around the Health and healthy environment, Daqing may occur within the framework of a lot of very sublime harmony of the landscape, so that Residents living in the here and the occasional visitors came to Daqing in the sense of this land More comfortable and cordial.

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