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Jane Park, the World Tourism Zone - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Jane Park, the World Tourism Zone - Chinese tourism scenic spots

World Ordos Jane Park is a tourist area by the Ordos City, Santa Fe Co., Ltd. in order to protect the world's important wetlands, Erdos left gull-based National Nature Reserve to invest in the construction, travel-tourism, leisure, wildlife protection, ecological construction as the one The large-scale eco-tourism area.

Park Shi-Zhen from the three major scenic areas: state-level nature reserves in the Ordos left gull; Ordos SG sand ring area; Ordos grassland Mongolian customs zone. Erdos left gull National Nature Reserve is located in Erdos City, 109 National Highway 45 km west, covers an area of 45 square kilometers, of which the lake Plot for the 10.2 square km. Is the world's rare and endangered animals at the national level to protect animals left behind --- gull breeding habitats, and to account for the world's known gull left more than 75% of the total. Other state-level protection of animals large swans, white Oriental, Hong-Yan presence here, and so on, up to more than 100 species of birds as much. Park With a rich topography, geomorphology, vegetation, land and its people, constitute another beautiful landscape.

SG-Sand spots Ordos ring Hangjinqi located in the Ordos City, along the famous "Road to wear sand," will arrive. The different colors the desert, dune can be found everywhere, as long as it is slippery or stampede Will issue a "buzzing" sound. More magic of the Mya Britain is the night, will be fortunate enough to see the white light-ying, dizzying people suspected into fairyland. Legend has it that this is a symbol of good fortune. Mongolian customs area in the Ordos grassland, grassland flat, endless, such as green blanket flowers in full bloom, Zuozuo yurts, as if A hundred little bit of the sea fan. Prairie horse racing, you feel the "gray days, the vast expanse of wild, wind and low grass cattle see" the beauty of artistic conception. The beautiful scenery of Ordos grassland unique is the summer heat and ethnic customs grassland tourism ideal.

Erdos left gull National Nature Reserve The world's most rare and endangered animals in the world, at the national level to protect animals - gulls left the habitats and breeding, and there are all kinds of rare birds such as the Oriental white storks, swans, red-crowned cranes, Hongyan, and so on more than 100 species. Different view of rare birds and bird strike, then dump the 10,000 blue-Park on the river-boat race, driving a speedboat, the only designated Daohaibianqu or fishing boat. Xing, a lakeside yurts, the White Swan Hotel for you to rest.
To Ordos grassland culture and customs area to inspect the site of Genghis Khan Western Expedition. Experience "gray days, the vast field, low wind and see grass and sheep," the beauty of artistic conception. Mongolian song and dance to see and watch Ordos wedding, and hospitality Mongolian People's taste characteristics of tea together, Kaoquan Yang, Kumiss ethnic flavor, and so on.

Along the famous "Road through the sand" can be Wong night to reach the sand area. Here are the world's largest ring with sand, which is located in Hobq desert, here to be able to play the thrills of the flying umbrella, Beach, and other motorized recreational projects. Can ride a camel expedition to listen to the sound performance roar sand movement.
See here is that most of the desert SG, SG, dizzying people suspected into fairyland. Legend: the elegant, now SG, who had the honor to see SG, the gods will bless his (her) Fu Yan Guanyunhengtong, former Finance rolling.
Than the quality of travel more than a few spots; price than less to spend several hundred dollars. Inner Mongolia Erdos Jane Park, the World Tourism District, chairman of Mr. Yu Yin carry the entire staff with a new look at home and abroad to meet all the guests to white hada, mellow wine to welcome your arrival.

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