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Zhao Dong Lama - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Zhao Dong Lama - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Lama called hole is the region tumd Yellow Sect made one of the plot. Peck is located in the northern part of Qi 7 km in the Daqing. Wanli the early years of Ming (1573-1575) and Qing Junji 15 (1658) expansion. 48 Qianlong (1783), Royal Secret Inspector "Guang Hua Si."

  Hall of the Buddha For the statue, and high technology. Temple is back before the 2-7 Ying House of Buddha, the North West have buried the ashes of history Living Baita blocks. After the Temple was built in the mountain-silver, 3 sub-floor layer, the width of the West a few years, together with the hole. There are all-plastic inside the temple's largest Zuofo. Temple under the 140 stone steps, down the former Temple. North West Temple 1 Jin Luandian peak of a few years, is said to the emperor Kangxi to avoid heat. Chinese name "Hua Si-Canton." Tumd at Banner Peck Qi Town 8 kilometers.

  Tung called by the former Temple and the Temple after the composition. Where the former Temple re-4, Hall of Heavenly Kings 3, 4 Great King of worship; Great Hall by 49, F-2, including 7-ying; large 25, dedicated to Maitreya, flying Dianqian Mongolia, Han, Manchu, Tibetan language inscribed the details of the four "wide Huasi" horizontal inscribed board. Second Hall for the permitted joy, things octagonal floor dedicated to Goddess of Mercy and Ocean's 18. Another hell-Hall 7. Hall of the Buddha statues are made of brass, high technology, life. After the temple built on hillside , For the cutting of Shan-dong, 3-floor building, "the Palladium-hole", there are reshaping the entire Temple of the largest Zuofo. Steps before the hole total of 124. Zhao hospital in the northwest direction of the buried history of the Living Buddha stone blocks. Most halls are destroyed, residues 124 stone steps and stone Buddha statues and the House. Lama-called East and West, North Hill on three sides, for wide-South The holes trench, bright lighting, wide field of vision.

  Lama called by the silver-dong, Buddha House, the Church, and other components. Silver-steep cliffs on both sides of the county, filled with large and small statues Yanke. Yanke use of different techniques relief, rough lines of a strong, vivid image of the quaint, with a history of high value Artistic value.

  Legend has it that Zhao Lama hole of the first World?????is a Living Buddha from Tibet, senior monks. He has traveled in many parts of the Hohhot, select the final hole Lama. Taking a panoramic view of the hole Lama, and his disciples had Bogda here to preach, Jiansi, did much the same kind. Here Water show and pleasant weather, people around world for its picturesque scenery and wandering to and from the intoxicated.

  Craggy rocks in the valley, Pinnacle pines, the sway of a hundred herbs, spring water features. Gusong shade temple in the jungle, mountain thunderous hit Matsunami, who strong reputation. Quiet environment, beautiful and pleasant weather, call for Hot on the outskirts of the resort.

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