Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Five state-level forest park business - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Five state-level forest park business - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Five state-level forest park at the camp in Heilongjiang Province in the northern most, Xiaoxing'anling the southern slope of abdominal zones in the five camps from the North Forest 8 kilometers, is the Korean national-level nature reserves of natural forest is a small depth of the Mountains tourism, entertainment . Area of 141 square kilometers, 70% canopy density, tree of the total number of trees 23 Strain /10,000 square meters, the average height of 35.7 m crown, the largest trees 41.5 m high, trunk diameter of 0.385 meters on average, the largest trees l.50 meters in diameter. The main facilities and recreational projects gathered at the rise amid ups and downs over the Qi Lin, from the door, there is a 17 km long "8 Font Central Park Road, connecting the park of the eight scenic spots and 20.

There are old-style Park Shopping Center, 600 square meters of plant and animal specimens room, 15,000 square meters open-air dance hall and roller skating field, parking lot 2000 square meters, 47 meters high forest fire observation towers, with a European flavor Mountain Resort, restaurants, swimming pools, communications facilities and other services; have reached Hong-area, miniature scenic spots, forest beach, the wild and scenic stone Hushan camping area, live ammunition shooting range, forest steam train, Greenfield Tower, exotic scenic construction, Niaoyu Lin, the artificial lake, and so on. Forest Park is also accompanied by other broad-leaved coniferous Such as: spruce, fir, yellow pineapple, walnuts, such as pulling; vine: Grapes Hill, such as Schisandra; herbaceous plants: vegetables, cucumber, such as incense; medicinal plants: Ginseng, Acanthopanax; spice plants: fungus, Hericium, and so on. The forest ecological environment suitable for a variety of wild animals survive, You Xiong, wild boar, Paozi, tiger, Deer, Sable, grass rabbit, squirrel, Huang You, and so on. The main park in the summer and fall open about 200 days.

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