Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Fushan Botanical Garden - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Taiwan and Asia's largest botanical garden, the best ecological classroom, the province's reputation, reputation. Shan is located in Ilan County and Taipei County's Wulai township at the junction. Park hours native flora, natural display areas, aquatic plants area, Hapen Nature Reserve (academic research purposes only, not open) and Miller Fukuyama . In just Hsuehshan branch surrounded by the basin, mainly in the terrain altitude between 600-1200 meters, covers an area of about 1200 hectares. Botanical Garden to show the whole forest in the low altitude of broad-leaved forest of the United States, Lauraceae, Fagaceae, and other native species can be seen everywhere. At present, the opening 20 Just show, which has more than 7000 kinds of plants, plant species in Taiwan is almost the complete picture. Apart from providing guide services, administrative center, the park planned for the 20-kilometer-long self-guided nature trail and close the eyes to explain to tourists enjoy. Walking in the creative trail logs, (Taiwan's longest-brick trail) and more complex view of the mining-sik Shanguangshuise landscape and is a unique shopping experience. Aquatic plants is the most important areas of the landscape area, with trails, water path along the cliff, pavilions, the pro-stack Mizuki Weiyishuipan can be observed near the water ecology, well-planned trail, a corner booth are natural beauty, which is also on the verge of Species Nuphar Bay. Surface of the pool often mist shrouded, Piaomiao smoke, Sam Rainsy and water vapor combine to dream of beauty, it is intoxicated. Park traveled extensively, we can see the growth in a variety of animal habitats, it can be said is that they nourish the park. The whole park is the "Garden" is different from Forest Recreation Area, in order to avoid the influx of over Visitors, resulting in harm to the environment like, opening hours, and the number of ways, there are strict requirements, the need to advance to apply for admission. Drive: This line can be self-Badu exchange Keelung Road, or switching to the coastal highway Chiaohsi, Ilan. Ilan from the urban area along the Mountain Road, Highway 7 westbound relay member Kedi Hill double-low wall. Ride Take the train leading to the north Chiaohsi, Ilan. Ilan or to the coastal line, the line of the Taiwan passenger steam, the next station were as follows: the first city in the first ? Beach City Falls Wu Fengqi ? ? Chiaohsi station in the Great Lakes in the Great Lakes Recreation Area Station

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