Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Kim sea bird family park - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Kim sea bird family in Taoyuan and Hsinchu park is located between the town of Kansai beak foothills. Tibet covers an area of 8 hectares, is surrounded by mountains, green eyeful, there Planning and Recreation Area, swimming pools, sea lions Arena, such as the aquarium, both static and dynamic viewing pleasure, and so on a wide range of strange feelings. Paradise have the largest aquarium , Keeping rare rare fish, such as the red dragon tail, like fish, silver plate, leaving Ukraine, and other large, eye-opener! Natural springs swimming pool, set up the 130-meter high water-skiing, both trendy and stimulating. Recreation Area have Ferris wheel, amusement facilities, such as steel cables across the river, but the most noteworthy domestic or rare sea And Bull, fighting the sheep show, won the children's favorite, is worth a visit for parent-child trip. Room and board: the park has room suite with the group, and the supply of food. Traffic information: from Chungli to exit the highway under the Chungli, along County Road 113 to Longtan, then 3 Kansai arrived in the provincial, to the East, light to turn left onto County Road 118 (Rome Road) eastbound Kedi, the entire process of about 37.7 km. 0830 hours to 1700, performing sea lion show 1130.1400.1600 Tel: (03) 5875181 ~ 5

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