Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Lion Museum - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Lions to the theme, both cultural and outdoor display landscape of the museum, located in the coastal cities and towns in the first street and Mountain Island distant relative, the Museum's collection of more than 2000 pieces of cultural relics lion-art, in order to account for most of the stone. Lion's Kingdom Hall Museum is located at the side of the road for the first coastal cities and towns, is the first "lion" mainly The museum is also a very small number of cultural relics in order to show both the landscape and outdoor museums, from high-builders built in April 1998 founded a curator and artist Chu Ko. French window to the sea in the design, in addition to tours of "Lion" Isshiki can enjoy the natural beauty of the sea and sky, the light of the morning or evening light Piaomiao nothing in the Mountain Island Tzu-ling. Museum covers an area of 1,000 square divided into indoor and outdoor display of casual viewing of two parts, as a result of the Northeast Coast National Scenic Area is located, and the Mountain Island look relatively remote, beautiful scenery. Ride: 1. Taipei from North Station or Keelung City Cultural Center next to the Ilan Da Wang, Luo, Su-ao Taiwan coastal passenger steam lines, the North Kedi stop customs clearance. 2. Railway line back up North, get off at the Kameyama Station, and then to walk. Drive: 1. On the coast to the northeast corner of targets under the Coastal Road exchange, then 2, D dart (eight Shui Road), Highway 2 (Kitahama Highway) eastbound Liu salt, Tali Kwan Wan to the north, some 65 km of the entire process. 2. By the Ilan area along Highway 9 northbound to the city, County Road 190 to head to the city, and continued walking northbound Highway 2, had stuck to North Kwan Wan Fang, the entire process, about 24 km.

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