Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Street - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Taipei is the most complete and most of the existing historic Street, went to see Street, Taiwanese, European style, modernism and architectural features like Baroque-style show one by one, the track of the times in the traces left behind. North and South Street to focus on goods, all kinds of dry goods were readily available here. A wide range of goods, and a large quantity of it , The Street is a major feature of the most attractive. Chinese New Year, the Government will be held here in the New Year Main Street, from the busy pedestrian try to eat, to buy the Chinese New Year food. In addition Street is also in Taiwan as clothes, medicine, the North and the South's largest wholesale market for goods. If you want a deeper understanding of the Dihua History, a pick of the weather this afternoon to walk, you can taste a century ago, the ancient Taipei.

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