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Taipei Tourism - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Taipei Tourism - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Taipei Basin is located in central Taipei, Tamsui on the right bank, is the province's political, economic, cultural and educational center for Taiwan's largest city. Year in 1875 (the first year of Qing Emperor Guangxu), the imperial Minister Shen Bao-zhen to set up an office in Taipei, Taiwan manages administration, from "Taipei" in the name. A total of the current division of the city Now, Datong, Zhongshan, Songshan, Daan, Wanhua, Lutheran, Shihlin, Peitou, Neihu, Nankang and Wenshan 12 administrative districts.

As early as in the past Siwubainian, there is still a swamp forests. Zheng Chenggong after the expulsion of Dutch colonists, "Yu Bing in the agricultural" policy, sending troops to Land reclamation area. Year 1708 (1958 Qing Emperor Kangxi), to the immigrants from Fujian Province to set up a village, 15 years after the town. Taipei at the beginning of Gran Canaria Simulium, was the Ketagalan activities in the plains region, also known as Meng Xia, Mang A, Ge Mang, the A-level.

Taipei Taiwan to visit the northern part of the center, with the exception of Yangmingshan and Peitou areas, there is also the province's largest, into an area of 89,000 square meters of the first Taipei's parks and the province's largest Mucha-Yun Park. In addition, the privately-run by the young stars the size of the garden a great deal of money. Tan Jian, the North security, longevity, such as the Sungai Park, also A good place to visit. A lot of scenic spots in Taipei City, Taipei, Shing Mun, the Longshan Temple, the temple, the temple, Nan Temple, Yuanshan cultural sites, etc., are beautiful scenery, the appropriate place to visit.

Taipei City has attracted many visitors to appreciate, buy and taste characteristics of helenahat, such as the victory Zhuang brush, Shihlin Mingdao, Miansu, art ceramics, Taipei night market sphere "omelets Circle" and glutinous rice balls and so on.

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