Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Ma Shan state that - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Ma Shan state which is located in large and Hu Xiang at the junction of Tai-an Township, altitude 1406 meters, the Taiwan Shangfeng one of the main place to go. Surrounding natural landscape has hung days, as well as natural dam, the oldest wooden Chuanxin, and so on. Peak excellent vision, overlooking the dam Eagle's Nest, Snow Mountain, Leshan, and so on. After years of clouds, heavy moisture. Rich peach, plum Apples, pears and other fruits. By car: exit out of Miaoli after take Highway 6 to Wunshuei, followed 3 to Lake Highway, the road into the industry by dripping East Ping Tsou Kedi. Car: take a passenger from Hsinchu, Miaoli to the Great Lakes, Zhuolan, Shihtan the bus to the Great Lakes, ride Wurong Dongxing to the mouth of the bus, walk Kedi.

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