Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Hutou Shan Park - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Hutou Shan Park is located in Taoyuan City, the east, hillside, before and after the sub-Hill. Taoyuan is one source of life, jogging, hiking the hottest line network. Park planning children's Paradise, plum, Linyuan, the lotus pond, Maple Park, barbecue area, and so on. Are spread all kinds of green space in the pavilion, both classical and modern style, blending ancient The United States, the success of Hutou Shan Road is decorated archway entrance to the main mountain. Hill before there is a three-Shing Temple is a result of Taoyuan three-story built by the end justice, Sam Gongpang road to the mountain can be (Saddle Hutou Shan), Dawn miles to see North Korea, Choi Ha evening tours all over the sky, flying Orioles in spring and summer long grass, such as the blue waves Mountain autumn and winter sea Fanfei, comparable to 000 Scenic spots, but also to people in Taoyuan beautiful carpet of green grass in the embrace. By car: From highway Namkham Interchange under the Bridge, follow Highway 4 to Taoyuan, spring day along the road to success can be Hutou Shan Road. Car: Passenger train to steam or Taiwan Taoyuan, ride the city bus routes 5, Park, Shing Temple III or under the Martyr's Shrine

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