Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Tunghsiao Beach - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Tunghsiao Beach is located on the west side of the town of Tunghsiao, Miaoli County, the largest in the central beach, equipment very well mean several years of fine white sand, which claims to be the most exciting part of the West Coast; Beach Planning well into the venue, Outside the two beaches, a great range of activities in the sea off the beach, a broad hinterland, you can engage in a variety of Chao activities; inland sea, there are Tunghsiao from thermal power plant cooling water temperature of sea water, warm water into a swimming pool; next to the beach there is a windbreak, tree-lined spacious, tree that is to accommodate 200 people camping area in which there would be Wooden tables and chairs can be very convenient. By car: From Highway under Miller Exit, turn right to overnight train station up the road. Ride: in Miaoli, after overnight Da Wang Lung's Hsinchu, Miaoli passenger or passengers, get off at the station overnight.

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