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Foshan Liang Yuan - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Foshan Liang Yuan - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Liang Yuan Liang Foshan is the general term for the gardens, mainly due to the "Twelve stone vegetarian" and "Stars Cottage", "Fenjiangcaolu", "Hong cold Museum" and other groups in a number of different locations, large-scale, Matsukaze the main road at Pioneer Road. Liang Yuan poem paintings by local artists Airu beam, the beam Jiuzhang, Leung Kau Wah and Leung Kau Figure Four Shuzhi , In the Qing Jiaqing, Daoguangnianjian (1796-1850) coming on stream, which lasted for more than four decades.

  Liang Yuan Lingnan is a scholar of the Qing Dynasty garden typical of one of its exquisite layout, the House, ancestral halls and gardens an integral whole, Lingnan-style "garden" room for change in one after another, elegant style; gardening group All kinds, Yadan pursuit of natural, picturesque rural charm; wealth to the local characteristics of landscape architecture-style and taste, light permeability; fruit trees in the park, the flowers, together with the Qushui circle, loose embankment Willowbank, the formation of the unique charm of the Lingnan water; especially in the size of thousands of stones, setting off clever combination of The unique, is the world famous four were in Guangdong, one of the park. Early Republic to a generation of Park has been on the brink of annihilation. In the light of its history, art and beauty, in 1982, Foshan city on the first of the existing cottage Stars rescue groups were protected in 1990 was set at the provincial level key cultural relics protection Unit. Then in 1994, the beginning of large-scale comprehensive repair, with a total area of 21,260 square meters, according to the restoration of "the old, such as repair of the old" principle, to reproduce the essence of the park.

Liang Yuan Lingnan is a research scholar of ancient gardens of local characteristics, the idea of the layout, gardening King group, culture Han and other issues is a rare example of a typical, it shows the ancient city of Foshan in the writers who stay away from noise, Linquan the pursuit of music, but also embodies the "Cantonese culture" in-house to the garden and natural space Longing for the environment; its typical rich cultural history, but also a reflection of Foshan renowned celebrity, style of writing Sheng an important example of the kind. Early years of the Republic, because of poor management and Liang Yuan on the brink of annihilation, Foshan Municipal Committee, after carefully restored from the Liang Yuan has become a multi-angle, multi, multi-level garden display literati Lingnan characteristics, large-scale garden groups, Is worthy of the name "First Lingnan Garden"

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