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Renshou Temple - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Renshou Temple - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Foshan protection unit. Zumiao Lu is located in Foshan City. Junji was built only 13 years (1656), eight years after Emperor Kangxi (1669) and the first year of Xianfeng (1851) expansion of the two, large-scale. In addition to the current "Main Hall", are more than Chaigai.

Danbian the main entrance of the "Renshou Temple" is the word Who hand-written, delicate and pretty thin characters, known as the "crane-shaped" calligraphy. In the middle of the temple has been in decline. Temple was originally called wishful Renshou Temple pagoda, built in 1935, 1.80 7-for-like pavilion of reinforced concrete construction, high-pass about 25 meters, at all levels of a canopy decorated with yellow glazed tile, a tower ladder to the top floor cavity. Tower possession of the Vatican Stone and the Shibian a pass. ??

  Xu Yun in 1938 by the monk personally presided over the opening ceremony of the pagoda wishful rather special, the seven-story tower is octagonal tower-han, has set an important milestone in the Tibetan language, worship the tower of red and green clay for the stone Buddha Tara Guanhua Bay kiln works by the famous book Pan plastic hand. 1 93 years in December, the Foshan Municipal Government issued a formal approval of the rehabilitation of Renshou Temple in Foshan Services for the open places.

1993, 12, Foshan Municipal Government issued a formal approval to open repair Renshou Temple Buddhist activities. According to the requirements of the municipal government and relevant state policies Regulation, in the urban areas of the Buddhist Association of Municipal Bureau of Religious Affairs jointly form a "rehabilitation of Renshou Temple preparation committee" to carry out repair work. In November 1996, Renshou Temple held a rehabilitation ceremony.

Began construction of the temple work. Board members of the public and were set up under the leadership of the "Foshan Renshou Temple Management Committee," Jin Renshou further promote the repair work of the temple. Main Hall is now completed, the plastic Buddhas King Buddha icon, maintenance pagoda well, so that the environment inside and put things in order to broaden Renshou Temple in its tenth the size of the jungle side, will be held on November 30, 2003, the new Jing Yao monk at National Cheng Kung University, Everbright sleep, such as Guangdong, Hong Kong and monks held senior monks in the great hall Icon into Shengzuo opening ceremony.

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