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Hing Tung Scenic Area - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Hing Tung Scenic Area - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Hing Tung, in the West Bank mountain ridge of carp, before turtle pagoda on the West River King, the West Bank Dong Jing Qing-yun has 72 scenic spots in the region, 1,500 meters long, the other day, I started from the mountain of St. Paul, Kwu Tung Yu Qing-yun, the concept of Green Pools, into the Shihmen curtain, Ben Fei Xie third-rate, stemming the flow of Bi-yu, Tai Hing Falls ... ... South China Sea in the West Bank is a long history of religious sites, is full of history and cultural tourist destination. Hing Tung Road, its concept was built in 19 years Guangxu (1894), Lotus stand waist-san, Shishan, Xiangshan protect about, the great momentum, a strong atmosphere of Taoism culture; Central Hill hold water, Fei Bao silk Gone with the Wind, Creek Qin-ming, Shi Jun Gao Ya, different flowers and trees naturally rich flavor; century, the ancient village of longevity; getting back to basics of the ecological environment; 6000 million years of geological formation of the fault zone, the formation of Hing Tung unique natural landscape.

"The mountains are not high, there were 000 cents, water is not deep, Long Zeling." Bit City of the South China Sea on the west coast of the Hing Tung is a scenic spot, "Sally, Dragon," both.
Dasan mountains, which rise amid ups and downs, the River Flows. Dasan in the mountain, standing with a long history and large-scale Taoist architectural complex - Tung Hing Road concept, so that if there are a few here, "Xian Qi." Runs throughout the year and Yamashita's interest in the landscape together into a series of Shan Tong reservoirs, the water like vaguely connected to a Wolong, so here are becoming "immortal" and "dragon" of the scenic area.

View Road, Hing Tung has a long history, was built 19 years Guangxu. Legend has it that when the value-year-old cycle, the plague epidemic, the area More than previous years, the good channels founder compliance long life, to find land to build dong (Taoist religious larger building known as the hole). Hang Bank to visit the valley, to Xianci waterfalls, the sound of thundering water, Journey Into Amazing Caves, Dong Fang Ruo fairy House. Hing-line to the site, see a peak in the face of natural wing, there are about two-feng He Bao trend, the two tributaries Yanxi intersection, sigh, "there are probably other Penglai realm between Heaven and Earth", that is, the Taoist selected sites.

Hing-hole along the mountain path, on both sides of the green mountains, streams waterfall waterfall, he could feel the breeze. To enter the Mountain Gate, Dianqian standing on the steps, before suddenly - Shishan left for the trainer and the right to Xiangshan V Hing hole is surrounded by mountains in. Yizuoyiyou is in front, two trees known as the "tree of yin and yang" of a century old fir stands quite natural. Hing bottom of the hole is a "yin and yang tai chi water" - two from the Hing Tung stream flow at great speed down the right and left, to Hing Tung and the former Department for one, so that the Hing Tung terms such as the air. Qiao nature away Public Works, stunning! You can hear here actually nevertheless timely wakeup calls to see King Hill show, you are in luck here with the 80-year-old master of long-Road mountain pilgrimage together, and praying for Andrew, a total of Chung family.

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