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Sanshui City Forest Park - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Sanshui City Forest Park - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Sanshui City Forest Park is located southwest of the town on the northern outskirts of the city of Sanshui 2 km, with a total area of 120,000 hectares. Shan Tong in the park there are a large number of lakes and large area of dense jungle. Sanshui Forest Park is a large number of attractions, the unique scenery of the large multi-purpose areas, the main attractions in the park are: Gold Sanshui Wofo large, Tibetan Buddhism Sanshui Arts Center of the Guangdong Temple - Hole Park St., ruthless Valley, Yuanyang Lake, the Declaration on the square. Here, you can not only enjoy the beautiful scenery of nature, but also in the Green Forest stimulus involved in a variety of fresh new type of sport that it deserves to be modern in his spare time to relax physically and mentally, a good holiday and leisure destination "Trilogy of Love" Forest Park South Gate entrance there are three King - ruthless Valley, Yuanyang Lake, the Declaration on the square. Three King embraced fused referred to as the "Trilogy of Love."

Gu Gu relentless ruthless at the south gate at the entrance to Forest Park, near the Sanshui era tower, according to the well-known poem : "Sunrise in the east to the west rain, but love is relentless Road," named after. Valley verdant trees and plants species-rich, quiet environment, first-class ecological and health with walking, leisure facilities such as kiosks, people can walk through the Valley of the tortuous trails, tours green forest landscapes can also take a short break in the pavilion Breathing Age anions nature of fresh air, relax and enjoy the feeling of return to nature.

Yuanyang Lake Valley from the relentless, two-phase leaned can see the lake, the lake's huge stone engraved with the words vigorous and effective "Yuanyang Lake." Around the lake surrounded by trees and sparkling lake Huguangshanse, a clear Bay reflected on the lake shore up the 10,000 kinds of style. Stroll by the lake there is a small pebble beaches, ancient marriage, Ziya fishing, old-arch bridge, Journey Into Amazing Caves, and other small King, Heart Lake greater fancy fountain, the entire lake is full of romantic nostalgia Chinese, especially at night, the moonlight, Huguang, Lighting backed each other, Is a good place for lovers of love,? Quot; Yuanyang Lake to make life "is the resulting.

Declaration on the square in the middle of the plaza is located in Yuanyang Lake, Hill built surface, the momentum appears to be even more extraordinary is a collection of entertainment, assembly, high, leisure functions of the large square. Square There are signs of stone - stone of the Declaration, which implies a pair of lovers express their common love of the Declaration, a broad sense, meaning the Universal Declaration of forest eco-park, the development of the Universal Declaration. In addition, there are square totem pole, a large area for viewing the garden, there is a large outdoor stage, the festival can also enjoy the abundance Large colorful art performances, you enjoyable time.

Sanshui Gold Wofo great big Wofo at Forest Park Xianyan days. Legend has it that Buddhist Master Hui Neng was late at night after a post-missionary here, see the flashing light Xianyan days, you can recline the big piece of stone is a big Wofo, the sixth patriarch That is, fell down, the Buddha's blessing for the world. Wofo made the big birds from the legend that inspired access to Dunhuang Tang Wofo as a template, Foshen 108 meters long, can scale in the world. It has now been modified to use copper Wofo large packaging has become big Gold Wofo. Koi pond in front of the Big Buddha is a lotus pond and with each other to the Big Buddha backed food Wins. Big Buddha on the other side for a long corridor of 60 meters, the painting gallery in Dover-story, two-story Jingfo for Taiwan, lean on a railing of worship, the Buddha Statue at the panorama at a glance.

Tibetan Buddhism Sanshui Culture and Arts Hall of Tibetan Buddhism Sanshui Cultural Arts Center is located in back Parks Xianyan days, as a Tibetan Buddhist cultural exchanges Crystal, according to the overall pattern of Tibetan temples built, completed, Princess Wencheng to Tibet to carry the gold Nyorai Buddha was dedicated to his, as a temple town treasure. Tibetan Buddhism Sanshui Cultural Arts Center Aura waves, clouds believers, a large incense, Tibetan Buddhist culture is worthy of a sacred place.

Sanshui hole hole Sanshui Park St. Park is the largest in South China's Confucius Temple, located at the northeast corner of Forest Park. The design for the Confucius Temple in Qufu, Shandong modeled on microfilm, at the entrance to sing lattice door, followed by top garden, Tai Shing Mun, Xingtan, Dacheng Hall and Chong shrine, built on both sides of the veranda Gallery, Minghuan Temple, Temple Xiangxian Beilang And so on. Large statue of Confucius in the Great hall, There were 72 Hall of disciples of Confucius statue. Holy hole in the park can enjoy? Quot; their golden voice "- bells, chime stones for play. Saint hole in the park by creating Chinese wedding venue and high-grade and sculpture garden, also matching built-hole culture" Taohua Yuan ", can swim here At the same time, an eye-opener of the National People's Congress, To the profound influence of the Chinese nation's traditional culture.

Crocodile Lake Crocodile Gulf of Thailand are mainly in Southeast Asian countries such as Thailand, is the ferocious reptile, a protected species in the world. Crocodile Gulf of Thailand to eat carnivorous animals, mainly, more than 50 years of life in general, keeping in the South 8-10 , Can be a kind of crocodile. Crocodile meat is first-class cuisine, offal can be pharmaceutical, attending asthma, emphysema and other diseases, the skin can produce high-level series of leather goods. I lake alligator existing Bay has more than 180, most of a maximum of 4 meters long, weighing about 700 Jin. Lake I have been successfully bred a number of young crocodile for the next big Crocodile breeding mode and lay a sound foundation.

Yishanbangshui Huacao Chang Hua Caochang located in the beautiful environment of the forest park, designed by the architect Alpine Ski Resort, a total length of 430 meters, 38 meters gap, covers an area of 20,000 square meters. It has maintained a strong flavor of nature. Green grass in spring and summer Yin, fresh air and golden autumn and winter lawn, so that you feel warmth Xu Xu, for the city to provide a return to nature, close to nature, a good place.
Huacao campaign is a new all-sports Sijing popular in Japan, Australia and other countries. Away from the noise of the city, out of the city Impetuous, about friends and family on, put on a very strong smell of space slippery straw sandals, looks like a tank track and the pulley Huacao protection appliances, and enjoy a romantic and exciting surfing on the grass. You can also sit in the car Hua Cao, galloped down the slope, fast, exciting, very fun at all. Hua Cao's also equipped with instruments Kneepad, elbow pads, helmets and double-slider. In the blue sky and white clouds and sunshine, as if from a huge green carpet-like grass on the slide down: small turn, giant slalom, speed up, slow down, the pace of change in control, brake ... from ... a taste of skiing in general, such as the thrills of . Huacao movement not only physical but also In addition to the people for a long time to accumulate the boredom and depression, so that the physical and mental relaxation, is an entertainment and fitness in one's health movement.

Sanshui forest Racing Club Racing Club is located in Sanshui forest Sanshui Forest Park, to facilitate traffic. Yard area of 60 hectares, surrounded by the beautiful King Central, Castle Peak Water, Pinnacle storied, is worthy of the name of "forest" racing game. Car track in accordance with international standards of design, track length of 1,200 meters, the contractor of the international and national A-level C-class championship, on-site support facilities, can accommodate nearly 300 people dining restaurant. Car entertainment provided by the project 80CC small car, 100CC mini-car, double-high trucks.

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