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Shunde Xishan Temple - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Shunde Xishan Temple - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Shunde, formerly known as Western Hills Temple Temple, built as a result of Shunde in the Western Hills (Fengshan) foothills, the temple known as the Western Hills. Was built in Ming Jiajing 20 (1541), after repair, expand production.

Temple hillside, for the Northeast, the main building along the vertical axis line arranged for the Mountain Gate, Qian Dian, the main hall of the binary, with a total area of about 000 square meters.

Miankuo Mountain Gate 5, ridge-top-Shek Wan pottery decorated with double-sided painting group, are the "Romance of the Three Kingdoms," the story themes, simple and vivid characters. Front doors hanging the amount of "Temple of the Western Hills," Jin Qi important piece of vertical wood, its about time for the late Qing Yi Wen Shek Wan An Tang pottery-made "for the Second Long-chu , For the brick under the "Careers Wei-shui" and the unicorn, the Phoenix Group, and other paintings. Jin Qi wooden door hanging couplet: "Health is willing to often good day; would like to visit often a good thing."

Qiandian and main hall are hard top, and carry through the door Liang Liang Jia hybrid structure. Canopy cover board in the main hall decorated with flowers, wooden figures, and so on, with dragon-shaped loading Arena to basket. Ying-chu, a well-round, there are stone materials are wood, stone column while more bamboo-shaped, prism, such as decorative circular. Zhu Chu set a follow-up, de blank, square-shaped door, and other shapes. A round wooden pillars in the main hall are 21 years Qing Emperor Guangxu (1895) carved by a pair of words together: "three pulse-controlled city, Lai has long made the town of the Holy Spirit; Timor heart Vancomycin, which benefit from the security guards were also Chuan. "Joint on the ancient city of Shunde only refers to the north, east and south three-Shing, this temple built to the west; Xia Lian means to follow the Guandi Zhou Cang, Guan Yu Ping also go down . Palace, seated for Guan Yu, two meters high, Copper, weight 1500 kg for the early Qing Dynasty thing. Rain around the side of Ping, Zhou Cang Li-like. Shrine decorated "for the Second Long-zhu" and "Chaoyang Shuangfeng" gold lacquer wood, about to fly on the wall, "Kim Guayin closure" and "ancient warfare" gold lacquer wood. On both sides of the main hall of Kuan Yin-tang and Rohan Hall. Like all look different, superb technology, life. Top of a wall of the temple, decorated with the Pearl River Delta The rural characteristics of the group painted plaster, an increase of the "Kingfisher Ling Po," and "peaceful view" and other works, all the ancient spirit; "Chinese New Qunxian," "Eight Immortals crossing the sea", "a Lao customs", "Taoyuan Knot justice "and" sent thousands of miles she and her three children, "Shek Wan pottery works of painting on the wall group, is even more flaws do not take head, away. Western Hills on the right side of the temple, three former palace is the Great Revolution period, "Shunde Xiannong military cadre school" site, now the county museum's artifacts showroom. Three of the left side of the palace is now a "cadre school in Shunde City of agricultural Army museum site." This is in the city, the Propaganda Department, the Bureau superior leadership style and Guan care unit, in support of the May 1, 1996 into the outside world, the exhibition of patriotism education base in our city. In addition, right on the hillside, has a Beilang containing 18 tablets-old Shunde, Shunde call anti-opium of the people against the evils of "defense Yingyi tablets", and reflect the people of Shunde Zhou sports history, "Qun pressure to do," Stone Tablets, there are historical records of water Shunde "Rural-building tablets Park" and "visit to the United States and several river dredging Monument", and so on. The summer of 1985, the County People's Government funding rehabilitation of the Western Hills temple. Since opening in 1987, attracting groups of tourists come here especially at home and abroad and become famous Of a popular tourist destination. Published in 1991 in Shunde County for the protection unit.

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