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Southern Taoyuan - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Southern Taoyuan - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Taoyuan southern tourist resort located in the famous Peach town - the city of Guangdong Province in the South China Sea Songgang town, a radius of 8 square kilometers away from Guangzhou, Foshan, 12 km, 30 km from Huadu, where the four seasons climate, landscape matched, Jade, fresh and natural environment.

  Magnificent, the size of the Home The first in the South China Sea Guanyin Temple, the national movie of the four major bases, one of the China Central Television movie in the South China Sea and the natural ecological protection zone - blue lake paradise sustain the three major scenic areas, so that the southern Taoyuan become a famous tourist destination , Every birthday Guanyin, the South China Sea Guanyin Temple worship are like clouds, associated with the Phoenix King The pause is more, and each of the spots: the stone cake, Shek, and so on, falls for a beautiful legend spread.

  China Central Television movie in the South China Sea, so that you understand the mysteries of the film, to play in the theater, you can set eyes; its magnificent architecture, its wonderful performances, so you have to sigh Only!

  Natural ecological protection zone - blue egret Paradise Lake, is the world's birds, a habitat where only tens of thousands of egrets, and every evening to go foraging in the evening, the number and position of the beautiful flight, you are amazing!

  King fitness landscape unique hotels, villas, clubs And nature together Yishanbangshui, European style show, more than at any time star hotel waiting for your visit, in order to provide you with more than 1,000 beds and more than 1,000 meals, while supporting a state-of - Night club, sauna, squash, tennis, table tennis, golf, etc., in addition to this landscape Peak only good swimming pool, a unique romantic atmosphere of the bike lovers, the five-star service for the city's leisure life and entertainment to add a variety of charming, with a number of-the-art international convention center and exhibition venue is Your business meetings, community activities, pending the first choice.

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