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Liu Chuan-Memorial Hall - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Liu Chuan-Memorial Hall - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Liu Chuan, Guangdong Foshan Shek Wan, born in 1916. Liu Chuan-Tao ancestors industry, Wells began to see the 12-year-old teacher, his succession to senior artists such as the Pan book of the famous traditional feature of life at the same time careful observation, a typical refinery. The shape of his life many vivid and lifelike image of the art "should not only play, should not be in possession "Theory of creation, Shek Wan pottery in the history of both classic and was recognized as a link between past and future generation master. To commemorate the twentieth century's most outstanding master of Shek Wan, Shek Wan pottery art works to spend more than 2,000,000 yuan, Liu Chuan-construction of the memorial. Chuan Liu memorial building with an area of 350 square meters, solemn and elegant Wall, the originality of the courtyard, the old hall, accompanied by visible exquisite, fresh and beautiful imitation brick, so that the ideas of modern furnishings and Shek Wan characteristics into traditional houses, is rich in the Lingnan style.

  The exhibition consists of six parts. The first part of the show Shek Wan pottery from the Late Stone Age The development of this situation; second, third and fourth part of the Chuan Liu introduced the master of his art in three stages; Part V outlines Liu Chuan master the essence of the theory; VI introduced the Master Liu Chuan-social activities. Museum exhibit a total of 118 photos, 134 in kind (sets), including clay figurines of Zhang and Liu Chuan-exchange Experience for the photos, Jiang Zemin, general secretary of Shek Wan doll watch the pictures, in 5000 before the pottery, utensils and Liu Han-Tang Mingqing, and other precious studio, with a strong academic and ornamental value.
  Liu Chuan-Shek Wan is a milestone in the history of pottery, Foshan is the pride of the people. Liu Chuan-Chi Museum of the establishment, Shek Wan pottery further promote academic research and artistic creation, development and prosperity, in order to speed up the historical and cultural cities of Foshan and make a positive contribution to the building.

Shek Wan pottery art, and even China is the world's ceramic art wonderful, and that can not but mention ceramic Shek Wan Liu Chuan-a --- Shek Wan to lead the traditional folk art pottery from the Arts Center board of the link between past and future master-class characters.

Liu Chuan-young is a poor child's early years in the antique shop in contact with the famous pottery family, and other non-governmental Pan book artist, he studied hard through the see the division, the youth had become a famous sea Outside the potters, whose work "Tieguai Li" in London Expo was well received. In 1951, at the time by Liu Chuan-Zhu commissioned by the Mayor of Guangzhou, and Ko Wing-kin, Yoon Ji-chang, and other artists founded the people of Guangzhou Fine Arts Society sculpture workshop (Shek Wan art ceramics factory, the predecessor), the creation of "Qu Yuan", "Guan Hanqing , "Hai Rui," the representative, its pottery and ceramic art technology experience for the founding of San Shek Wan in the early recovery and development of pottery made a significant contribution. After the reform and opening-up, "Zhong Kui Vampire," "Po Toi Shan Ren" and other works of art mark its mature style. Liu Chuan-Shek Wan pottery on the cause of a major contribution to the He goes beyond the ancient practice of folk artists re-light the limitations of the theory in the 1960s into a rich and creative pottery theory, "but not surprising strange, ugly and not ugly," Art exaggeration "of the four subject to" the principle of aesthetics. In 1961 he lectured the Central Academy of Fine Arts and later published "On the vivid" Shek Wan was pottery articles milestone in the history of the classic, Shek Wan pottery on the creation and development of a far-reaching consequences. In 1979, Liu was awarded the national "Arts and Crafts home". Liu Chuan-create not only a theory of art, but also not hesitate to arts-and apprentices, to actively promote the development of Shek Wan pottery. Yi Chuan personally Gaotu of crops, cotton Liu, LIAO Hong-standard have become the new first-generation Chinese pottery master.

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