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Movie in the South China Sea - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Movie in the South China Sea - Chinese tourism scenic spots

China Central Television movie in the South China Sea is directly under the Central Television Station of the four major film production base. Guangdong Province is located in the city of Songgang town in the South China Sea, covers an area of 1,500 mu. Luan here Pohuan low ripple Huguang, fresh scenery, elegant style, making fun. Here is a sub-tropical monsoon climate as a whole frost-free period, the average annual temperature of 21 9 degrees, the average annual precipitation 1614.2 mm, in the Pearl River Delta is not natural and man-made pollution, destruction of the ideal base for filming and tourist attractions.
Movie in the South China Sea was established in July 1996. Hong Kong's return to play for the filming of the "Hong Kong Story" built to reflect the age of 20 Hong Street style of "old Hong Kong street" area, built on a wide range of architectural features, including: cinemas, casinos, brothels, restaurants and churches, police stations, schools, bookstores, photo studio, trading houses and inns, banks, pawn shops, as well as Grocery store, shop flour porridge, Des blacksmith, all kinds of residential areas and so on.
  The total construction area About 5000 square meters. As the blocks rich atmosphere can also be converted at any time based on the story needs, which have prompted a number of film and television industry, friends and visitors. "Hong Kong's old street" in the absence of a formal opening to the outside world, this has been a shooting, "the story of the Hong Kong dream", "future dream home country", "General Fu" "Monks happy," and so on a number of television series.
Macao's return to play for the filming of "The Story of Macao", and the construction of the size of the "old Hong Kong street," the embodiment of a very old Portuguese architectural style of "Macao Street." "Macau Street" close to "the old street of Hong Kong", has many Grand Courtyard buildings, the dragon and tiger Tang, Hao Jiang hotels.
Hong Kong and Macao into two blocks of a fairly common component of Lingnan characteristics of the old Grand Street, for a variety of shooting film and theater trips.
In May 1999, the movie opened in the South China Sea, "Park Night," introduced a number of large-scale entertainment performances, "Tai Ping Ni Chang plutonium performing services", "peace and prosperity performance," "Pearl of song and dance", and catering, transport has been further improved.
Code in the title, staged from the acrobatics of Chinese Rural civil wuqiao brilliant acrobatics, including: water and fire stargazers, Diao spent counterparts, high-top chairs, high - Vehicles, the air board Huang, Qiao push flower beds, pedal Dagang, and so on, this program has been adopted by China Central Television broadcast the TV series "funeral music arena" to meet with the audience.
Unfortunately, on East Palace of peace, prosperity, East Palace has kept Zhong Qing, in 1987 in Hubei Suizhou Zeng Houyi bells unearthed in here Ring. Hubei Suizhou bells chime for Ancient Art Troupe performed well prepared, "High Mountain and Flowing Water" and "Yellow Crane Tower", "into a butterfly," "Yangguansandie" and "Moonlight on the Spring River" and "Autumn speech", "Mei Li River to "" Pingshalayan "," Homebound Fishermen "," Three Variations of Plum Flowers "," step by step, "" Linger ring When "," Ode to Joy "and" friendship for a long time to Tianchang "more than 30 times in the first song, bring unexpected feelings. Houdian Palace in the East layout of the" large-scale TV series "of the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom" garment make-up props stills exhibition " Visitors here can experience the full "of the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom" grand, grand, luxury Wealth and style, as well as war cruel, cold and fierce, and a better understanding "of the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom" After 14 years of the history of the rise and fall.

  1999 Spring Festival, the movie was south of the South China Sea visitors opened up a new area. Wing area in the city, the use of modern television technology, disguised as an attitude of scenery in the north Exposure to the vast land of fluttering snowflakes in an atmosphere of a time "Mega Snow" filled with joy at every visitor's face, etched in every tourist's heart.

Taiping Heavenly Kingdom, close to the city have more than 3100 seats of the war horse Arena broad field of vision, and the scene was spectacular, visit the King A warm atmosphere. Have taken part in numerous films, television experience, and horses took part in the "Romance of the Three Kingdoms" and "Taiping Heavenly Kingdom" stunt performers Colts were 450 people, waving swords and guns in the battlefield, MA, Yang Bian stay, and perform a thrilling scene, the soul-stirring large-scale war horse show "?????." In this In the head, holding a gun Zhangbayimao Zhang Fei, brandished a knife on the weir Dragon Rider Guan Yu, Ssangyong sword dancing plains and county magistrate Liu Bei hand side of the LUI Bo Ji-day painting more than 100 World War II Round, so that Dazzled people Lumpur.
Ma is a battlefield in the south of the new capacity of 1,200 water on the battlefield Hollywood Film City by the United States have taken part in blockbuster movie "Titanic" stunt appeared to reflect the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom in April 1854 Western Expedition Army in Jinggang, Hunan occurred in a war, this is known as "water Jinggang War, "the show, actors are funny, humor, generosity, natural performances in the audience Xie history, but also from a foreign country to enjoy the style of performance.

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