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Miyake, he was admitted to - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Miyake, he was admitted to - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Tunxi District in the Cypress Street, there are three buildings in the Ming Dynasty, the head of the household-name, named "Miyake, he was admitted." Miyake was wealthy real estate, with a dream-house of the most typical week, and its exquisite architecture, scattered high, painting a clear, high scientific value and aesthetic appeal.
  Miyake are five-room two-story-Chuan Dou Housing, before and after room, central courtyard, similar to the San Heyuan. Miyake well-structured, beautifully decorated, rustic elegance. Miyake in a way a dream week for a typical home. The five-room house, two-story building. Deep into the 16.1 m, 13.6 m room. With both sides of the room, courtyard for. Plane was not obvious concave shape. 5 beam side Both facilities are painting patterns, colors have a style of the Ming Dynasty, in order to Huizhou in the Ming Dynasty in the residential rare. Qian Yan Lin Chui Sai-chu upstairs unit coming back seat, four-column section of a major contributing factor angle, the upper side of the column inserted two arch pick, boosting purlin canopies. The roof in the form of hard Mountain, scattered high and low bank up a fire wall, the house looks quiet and deep houses. There is the first year of Tianqi (1 21 years) of the house selling contracts, leases for the tissue-paper, ink, line 10, signed a "leap year on February 12 revealed Li Ching Pak Kau Sale of people (charge)". Anhui Province is now a key cultural unit.
  Miyake, he was admitted to the house revealed Ming-year period. Ming is integrated You Shilang years, Li Bu, Yin CHENG Min examiner's government built 600 years ago. All three houses are closed-end five-room brick two-story building-Chuan Dou. Ming and Qing Dynasties era wallpaper and murals, also on the ceiling, Ruoyouruowu to tell the former.
  Miyake, he was admitted to the six-building, said to be the best embodiment of this family Thickness of the capital. Look at the top of the door of a gray brick generally be divided into several levels, is the first level peony vase holding, the moral of peace and harmony; followed by East Ziqi, Jade. Despite the wind and rain, still shows a lifelike image.
  Four door at the top of the ball, of course, is a symbol World peace. CHENG Min's political future generations, with most of the Huizhou merchants, operates timber. Let go of each row, usually taking advantage of the summer rainy season, water, bamboo Xin'anjiang drift along, the general many days, came back upstream, Zhou difficult, so, the blessing of the sculpture, invisible In a deep Greetings, and the blessing of his family safe
  Miyake he was admitted in the internal decoration, most of the inherited characteristics of the former residence of merchants, without exception, the hanging scroll.
  This, in fact, there are merchants of hospitality.
  General visiting friends into the living room, first of all do is to observe the word judge While waiting out the owner. In this way, the owner, on the way to introduce each other, it is easy to distinguish longer, and then exchange, at the "East West respect your" sit. Followed by tea and chatted.
  Emblem of the tea merchants, but also the very particular about. The hospitality of tea, on a total of 3. First, green tea, pure-hearted; second date To denote that the early benefit, three tea-leaf eggs are also hot to do, holding the hands of the guests, repeatedly changing hands Laina, I think it was Kim Won-open laugh, rolling to financial resources.
  Of course, this harassment to the lives of these details have been disappeared by. Only a wonderful memory, is still in the room dedicated to housing Department.

  Tracking retrospective, like a dream. Until then, we will find that the whole House, are immersed in a huge way quiet.
  Mottle said that the threshold of it. Original smooth ties, and time was covered with layers of dust, leaving only the surface of Youhei. I stand in front of At that time, as with the Nvjuan are Qingyilianbu, door frames hand, the gently moving into Shude feel like reading a piece of pure classical picture.
  There are in bed together, the above is also a lot of carving the image, a woman, Dayan, men and Changting, there are mountains and land. That situation that King, without exception Filled with infinite melancholy parting.
  Just look at the bed goes, you can savor the taste of them. A bed, a wooden toilet, and clothes at night to shelve all the cabinets come in a package. Women Zubu Chu door on the inside to pass the quiet of the night.
  Next to the window of implantation, is The unique design. From the outside looking in, is very bright. I try to go out the window, go in, but do not see anything. The typical design, is said to be both out of consideration. To allow a woman to pass through the windows of lonely time, and secondly to avoid people with evil intentions, watching from the window to the female members of a family. Merchants think the intention is really saddened by people.
  There are incredible people, such as life imprisonment, has also given birth to "Juanqimei" a classic story.
  Later, he was admitted with John Dion Um satisfied, and his wife happens to be in the same month in the same year was born on the same day. The couple hold a birthday party, Prince special Shuo A problem for them, "Juanqimei" plaque. This plaque has been kept in good condition, he was admitted to the second floor of the hall of the building six years.
  On the second floor of the hall, is a great background of. Huizhou region because it is only to preserve the integrity of the Office of the Ming Dynasty, around the circle is the son of armchair, at the time, he was admitted to the master of Miyake, Entertain guests here.
  From the mid-ming, built in the main hall downstairs, upstairs there will be no Office. This year, the only well-preserved of the Office of the Ming Dynasty, there is a lot of Nairen taste.
Standing out on the second floor of the hall, Ma will find the top of the wall, many of the brick Therocephalia, Rock casting, said Niaowo is to prevent damage. Strangely enough, above the densely piled up a lot of watts.
  Asked to know that there is, in fact, contain the teachings of the grief-stricken people. Merchants know, Andrew, and few have had three generations of the rich, so in the building, on a more considered. Even the children and grandchildren Renovation of housing on behalf of the tile, the more they try to stay some.
  Miyake, he was admitted to the administrator CHENG Xue-mei said that if the Who's tile roof replaced with a brick, then the ancestors to prove that they have a passive thing.
  Fortunately, I have seen, he was admitted to Miyake, most well-preserved of the former Head. There are a lot of damage is, he was admitted to another house, is building seven. The house was built on behalf of the construction of the three is a small pattern. Shut the door, there is a quiet world.
  The brick house is better and, of course, wood carving, Turner, tick, cut, dig, level off again and again Clear context, and three-dimensional momentum. The carving objects, such as lotus, plum, plum, Aquarius, peony, chrysanthemum, and so on, are the essence of traditional culture. Unfortunately, a lot of damaged. Even riding a tricycle that, at that time, many are used as firewood fire, and later was to acquire before they know the valuable things. But Day after day of the fire, I do not know how much money had been calculated.
  Miyake, he was admitted to the hospital on the 28th, with the other two houses only separated along the way. Is the first part of the Ming Dynasty, followed by the Qing Dynasty, is said to be destroyed in a fire in the. Housing and decorative sculpture, showing a different mark. 28 homes and kitchen gardens are still, however, has long been overgrown with weeds. Mimizaza through the years to come off screen, as if I saw the situation at the time that staying at home for the elderly and children, or busy in the hall after the play. The women were living alone at home, sitting on the back of the yard, taking in mending.
Wall Foreign life with them is all different world.

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