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Qi Yun - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Qi Yun - Chinese tourism scenic spots

"A southern Baiyue Huangshan." Bai Yue, Qi Yun also. Qi Yun County is located in the territory, the scenic area of 60 square kilometers, although the majestic Huangshan high and steep, but the rise amid strange, do not have a lot of fine-graceful style. Qi Qi Yun 36, Fengfeng's favorite subjects, the 72-odd, all rock King. Qing Emperor Qianlong parade Southern Qi Yun had praise 'world Shengjing unique, the first southern Shan'. Qi Yun was Danxia, hundreds of sites formed a rock Qiao cloth, quiet possession of caves, open days Shenxiu, Hongxia Canruo natural beauty. Area is divided into Yuet Wah Street, Ya Dong-yun, the upstairs floor consists of three parts. Passenger ropeway is now online. Scenic Spot Anhui-Jiangxi railway and adjacent to Tunxi Jingdezhen highways, 33 km east of Huangshan Airport and convenient.

  Qi Yun is one of China's four famous Taoist, and as a result of Wudang are dedicated to Chen-Wu, it is also 'a small southern Wudang' called. Taoist mountain mixed, matched Gongmiao, visual Qing Ming, misty smoke-lan . In June 1984 to restore the Taoist Association Qi Yun, the normal religious activities for visitors.

  Qi Yun located at the foot of Huangshan, Anhui-Jiangxi railway crossing Qi Yun feet. Xiuning located 15 km west of the town of Qi Yun, from the Huangshan scenic area only 60 kilometers, "Huangshan relatively Baiyue , The beautiful scenery of a southern. "Qi Yun head-level key scenic spots, national geological parks, national forest park, one of China's four famous Taoist this crown 4, natural and human landscape add radiance to each other, touching beautiful rural scenery, long history and culture of Taoism. It is punishable by a Taoist culture and to Danxia Featuring mountain scenic spots, historical, "a southern Baiyue Huangshan," said the province in 1981 as a protection unit, in 1994 the State Council for the national key scenic spots.

  Qi Yun Guchenbaiyue, although "one stone-day play, straight into the sky, and Wan Qi" and its name, Only 585 meters above sea level peak of the mountain is not very high, the cliff has been cut, deep valleys, peaks show competition, becoming its towering high-rise, unpredictable, which rise amid the Kit Kat-rock scene in the distribution of the mysterious atmosphere. In addition, the unique Qi Yun Danxia landform, Shek Pik Ya Dong Jin seems like all the purple and Zong Hong Xia, in waves of green Under the shade of the woods, the whole red Zi Yi Qi Yun Sang, appears to be lively and clear-cut, bright and the atmosphere.

  Qi Yun scenic area of 110 square kilometers, divided into Yuet Wah Street, the upstairs floor, yunyan Lake, Nanshan, Hengjiang the top five spots, and different styles, features, "the magic peak Cliffs, cloth Youdong cliffs, rock Silver waterfall plunge, change vision, endless. "Integration from a large freehand brushwork, color, gorgeous landscape qualities of the volume. In the magic of this beautiful picture, a towering 36 Qifeng, scattered 72-odd, a lot of hidden You Dong, Jian Chi, Zhuo The exquisite Li Xiang Lufeng, representing the rock bridge, quiet and unpredictable magic Zhen-dong, Jing Qing Yi yunyan the lake, throw gold sprinkling of Zhu Lian Yu Quan, the compact sophisticated small pot days, the atmosphere too-spectacular palace, is one of the most ecstatic, away. Qing Emperor Qian Long known as "the world is unique Sheng Jing, the first southern mountains," did not have the reputation.
In addition to the opening day of Qi Yun Shen Xiu comes the King It also has huge cultural filling. As early as the Tang Dynasty, and Yuan-year period, that is, into Taoism Qi Yun, after Song and Yuan dynasties, the foundation laid at the beginning. Jiajing and Wanli in the Ming Dynasty, the Han people in Jiangxi Lung Fu Shan is one Heavenly Master Zhang Qi Yun live three generations have taken it for granted the presence and improve the regulatory Road, Hospital Road construction, the increasing prevalence of incense. QI Yun From the beginning of this period, to become Taoist activities in southern center of the country among the famous Taoist list, known as the "small southern Wudang." Chijian Emperor Jiajing in the "too-Tien Temple" as the main body of the Yuet Wah Street area priests and pilgrims are longing for the holy places of worship.

  Faren Yu Qi Yun development of the Jin dynasty, thousands of years , Seekers can explore history, the official remarkable wealthy territory, Li, Zhu Xi, Zhu Sheng, Tang Yin, Hai, Qi, Xu, Yu and others are attracted climbers to see Kamiyama QI Yun Xiushui life for a quick , They Ji Qing Feng Yan in the above, or Fushi inscription or monument to remember the tree, leaving a wealth of extremely valuable Heritage. At present, in addition to Qi Yun Taoist Temple, the Temple, home altar, such as Tower 108, there are Cliff stone tablets and 537, mainly distributed in real-dong House, the stone bridge and the rock cliffs along the Zixiao, during the last years since the Northern Song Dynasty, Then under the masters of contemporary calligraphy and painting, calligraphy, as if history major exhibitions, constitute a fascinating Cultural series. The Zixiaoyaxia Jiangnan gifted scholar in the Ming Dynasty by Tang Yin's book, "Inscriptions Zi Xiaogong Hyun Timor," four high-Er Zhang, neat handwriting, vigorous style, magnificent momentum, Bricks can be fine. Qi Yun Pseudodrynaria the engraved inscription of a particular way, the Red inscribed on the cliff of blue, purple and white colors and inscriptions, pen Ligang , English charm, "Shen Xiu open days", "QI Yun Jing" and "ancient wonders," and "life", such as carved cliffs, magnificent, eye-openers. More than 1400 pieces of ancient plate Cliff stone and natural scenery around the ingenious integration, scattered throughout the attraction, not only for the infinite beauty Qi Yun added, but also tourists attraction Head, knowing it to be full of poetic influence of Chinese traditional culture.

Qi Yun Jing


Visitors into the area after the cable under the door - Sin-Ting Wang, walked out after the Taohua Jian-ting that the Dongtianfudi, Cijing quite spectacular, there is really habitat rock, rock Valiant Ones, 3 word Cliff stone cliffs. Reportedly, really rock habitat is the earliest Taoist Qi Yun, of the Tang Dynasty Qixia real spiritual place; The Valiant Ones is a rock worship Kuan Kung place; Shou Zi Yan and the Empress Dowager Cixi of the Qing Dynasty is Shouzi wrote, the great "life ", To reach a diameter of 230 cm. Shouzi cliff walk, we see a spacious Cave, visitors can, Heavenly Creations is created, "Yaxia hole", calling it a day, doors, doors Cliff and stone inscriptions, a large number, range, "Forest of Stone Tablets Baiyue."

Zhen-dong House

There are many caves under the cliff, a statue dedicated to various gods, the Eight Immortals is followed by a round Tung, Han-dong, Yu-dong, Dong Wen. Buddhist priests before the hole in the home on. It is one of the best scenery Qi Yun. Eight Immortals is dedicated to the Taoist Eight Immortals; Yuantong hole and is dedicated to the Buddhist Guanyin of the South China Sea; Han-dong houses the memorial tablets of Zhenwu, but on both sides of the memorial tablets of Ocean's 18. It should be said that this is Who are imaginative creation; Yu-dong Dragon King worship; Wen-worship video camera, video camera is the key to fame, Taoist named the "incorporation" on the Taoist altar. Qi Yun-dong from Fuchu can really feel the strong Confucianism, Taoism, Buddhism combination of flavor. Rather special. Zhen-dong House cliff there are a lot of stone Cliff, The most eye-catching is on the cliff, "Shen Xiu-day open", describe their extraordinary momentum for real-dong House symbol.

Yuet Wah Street, too-palace

Yuet Wah Street is a Taoist priest with the residents to choose his mountain, the mountain is also the market, but also pilgrims and visitors of accommodations to. Yuet Wah Street, the existing Housing Road Block, Anhui and many residential areas, with temples, the room of a hospital intensive buildings, the most notable of which is too-palace, the palace covers an area of 1600 square meters, very spectacular. Qing Emperor Qianlong had Qi Yun said "the world is unique Sheng Jing, the first southern mountains." Too-palace destroyed in the Cultural Revolution, 199 In accordance with the original reconstruction, opening of statues in 1997 to open to visitors and pilgrims.

Xiang Lufeng

Yuet Wah Street in the peak-too Palace, an independent peaks tall and straight, like incense, and named. This small but steady base of the peak, the furnace are sturdy, with the top base is almost the same size, the legend on top of the iron-ting Zhu Yuanzhang initially incense burner is a gift, but booths and iron incense burner in 1958 when Daliangangtie destroyed, the Department of Rail Pavilion in 1983 reconstruction. Every time after the rain in the early Qing, Piaomiao clouds, or are hidden or Xianglu Feng, praise his poetry Miao said: "The mountains make for incense smoke cloud, Saga-hidden view of the Millennium."

Small pots Yuet Wah Street is located downstairs longevity, it is a Ming Dynasty Shihfang composition, Shihfang on a "small pot days," the words, Shihfang was gourd-shaped openings, the door, is a 20 m long, 3.3 meters wide, high - 2.5 m of caves, grottoes to the side of the abyss, standing at the side of the cave, there is "infinite landscape in the Feng, "a sense that when people want to take a step back, we see that there are cliff," Ya think back, "" rock Artesian Bore Baths "," Stephen line, "and" ascending to heaven by "stone, it is said to the Taoist immortal soaring Place.

Yu Xugong

Longevity at the floor, not far from the West, the palace in Zixiaoyaxia from "real Tai Hing "" Virtual five-Que, "" Ren Zhi Shi Wei Gong "three Shihfang, Shihfang there are patterns of animals superbird scs relief, the Imperial Household is the Cave. Enshrined inside each statue are statues of Taoism About the legend of the gods. Today, Yu Xugong is a devout men and women burn incense and pray, pray for the longevity of the holy land.

  Qi Yun with Also known as the treasure house of plants. Here the growth of the palm-mei dies, the purple-nan, Beech, incense, and other fruit trees more than 20 kinds of rare and valuable, and have all kinds of bamboo, expensive medicines and more than 300 kinds of plants. In this verdant green of the world, is also a habitat for birds love, and Jin Qianbao thrush, golden monkey, the monkey face, and other rare birds and eagles More than 30 kinds of beasts, they witnessed Qi Yun unique advantage of the natural ecological environment. Qi Yun was Danxia, hundreds of sites formed a rock Qiao cloth, quiet possession of caves, open days Shenxiu, Hongxia Canruo natural beauty. Qi Yun only 585 meters above sea level, "Play Days" to describe its high although some boast However, Qi, 36, 72-odd, 24-Jian Fei, plus the territory of rivers, lakes, Stephen, Tam, constitute a waterfall Shanqingshuixiu, Ming-Li Qiaoba natural picture. Baiyue is characterized by a strange rise amid deceitful, and more for the cone, from afar, a different face of the dome, sui generis. The main landscape: Dong Tian Fu Real-dong House, Yuet Wah Street, Tai-Gong, Xiang Lufeng, a small pot days, too-Tien Temple, the Yu Xugong, Fang La Walled five Qingfeng, yunyan Lake, and so on. Qi Yun spread all over stone inscriptions, known as "the first southern Shan" reputation. Taoism began in the Tang Shan Qianyuan-year period (758-760 AD), to that of Taoism Line, strong incense, it has become one of China's four sacred mountains of Taoism. Qi Yun climbing a new cable, cable passengers to board the Peak, along the same route down the mountain on foot, walking tour, just half a day.

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