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Hongcun - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Hongcun - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Hongcun Huangshan is located in the south of the West, Yixian county town 11 km south-west, was the ancient Yi Xian to Beijing's trade must pass through. Entire villages, covering about 28 hectares, which is defined as the scope of ancient villages in the area of 19.11 hectares.

Hongcun established in Shaoxing in the Southern Song Dynasty (about AD 1131 -- 162), dating back some 900 years. Hongcun the earliest known as "Philip the village," according to "Wang Shi clan," recorded at the time due to "expand by as Tai, said the United States and therefore Philip village", changed its name to?????Hongcun.

Wang Shi Hongcun is mainly inhabited by the family of the village. Wang Shi Zhongyuan is a prominent families, Late Han across the border, their descendants around the southern localities. Wang Shi Jinling Hongcun ancestral home, some time in the Southern Song Dynasty moved to Huizhou, is the ancestor of Hongcun.

Hongcun villages throughout the cattle-like layout, it is referred to as "cow-shaped village." Tall and straight to the high village of Shan Lei Gang "Tau", the mountain is covered with verdant and luxuriant green of old trees is "Tau", row upon row of buildings in the village as "cattle are" rippling blue waves of Lake Tong as "cow stomach" and "tripe", the passageway around the house, turn 10 9 artificial water Chun is a "cow intestines" The four wooden side of the village as "bracket", Hongcun appear on a Woniu at Castle Peak surrounded by rice fields fell into the hill. Hongcun only 18 km away from Xidi, more or less the same climate.

  Residential groups, in particular, small carved hard steel, Kim Jung-fly color known as the "Forbidden City folk," Hall Chengzhi, respect tolerance Lut and the magnificent, spacious West Park Dong Xian Tang, Sanli Church, and so on, with smooth-like on the Marsh and ocean waves of the South Lake, Deep doors, Qingshi street next to the ancient concept of the shop, Lei Gang, towering trees and into residential areas over the courtyard wall of stone and wood sinomenine, Peony 100 years, Tong Ren Syria's security, such as the Office of Spring ancestral halls and 93-year-old Liang Shi Jiang Academy with the pro-book Title "Ka-wen" horizontal inscribed board of the Lake College, and so on, a perfect art as a whole, really Is a step by step into the King, worthy of every painting, but also reflects a long history left behind by a broad range of profound cultural background. Hongcun to the Qing Dynasty is a "pyrotechnic 1000, at Dong Descaling Yu, a city felt the awe-inspiring," Wang is still the seat of rural people's government. To the mid-1980s began to develop

There Hongcun Like grid system of streets and alleys of the network, Shi Pu Hanaoka, every household across the artificial stream of water to form a unique street space. In the village center to the reservoirs half-moon, "Niu heart" - on de-centered, Wai to the surrounding residential and ancestral halls, a strong cohesion. There are villages where the existing construction of the Ming and Qing Dynasties of 158 houses, the The 137 intact. Qing residential building not only has a beautiful, functional and rational layout, elegant architectural style, and work closely with the blending of nature, to create a scientifically and rich taste of the life of the living environment, China's traditional houses one of the outstanding representatives of .

Village Home to most of Shenzhen Jhainei the introduction of water to form a unique village, "gardens", "Water House", so that the Hongcun residential building construction in Anhui to create a special residential Shuixie model. Hongcun is the local culture traditional Huizhou, building technology, landscape design an outstanding representative of the great historical, artistic, scientific, Huizhou culture, traditional architecture, the true witness. Hongcun has been listed by UNESCO as a "World Cultural Heritage List."

Hongcun in South River in Hubei Province to build six private schools, "Hill Lake House VI", for children who doubts etc., to education personnel. Chia-ching 19 years (the year 1814 ), Six centers into reconstruction, named "Wen Ka", also known as "Lake College." College covers an area of 6,000 square meters tall and magnificent architecture, spacious and solemn, as the ancient Huizhou College, on behalf of one of the building.

Syria music together: also known as the Office of Public House is Hongcun Wang's Ancestral Hall, located on the village pond Banks of the middle, and on the same Tong Ming Yongle, Wang Shi has always been a people of worship and celebration gathering places. Syria Gate Tower by the music hall, hall, worship hall consists of three parts. Hall is less of the original floor, the door of St. Paul Tieqiang brick carving is unusually fine.

South Lake: Hongcun located in the south, before the Ming Wanli Inter (Year 1607), is an area for the dumping of 20,000 man-made lake. The lake was great, "bow"-shaped bow at the back Hudi up and down two floors, the upper Shuzhang wide, stone, gravel and paved, the lower planting willow trees there; Strings of the Lake College has a Department of the Qing House and finish the row upon row of old Residential areas. Marsh on: marsh on the construction of the test may have a history of Wuliubainian years. This is an original Huoquan Shui, the Four Seasons Quanyong chain and so far people here can see the duck pond opera-ha, the breeze gentle breeze in the air, smoke-filled scenes.

Chengzhi Hall: In order to focus on the provincial level protection unit. Shenzhen is located in the middle of the water Xianfeng was built only five years (Year 1855), is the largest salt traders late Qing Wang will be in your homes. Chengzhi magnificent hall, a reasonable layout of the structure of the perfect, well equipped, well-produced. The whole house a total of 7 floors, 9 yards, the size of the room, more than 60 years, 132 wooden pillars. All-brick house with the main decoration The three birds with extremely fine (stone, brick, wood) objects, ancient residential areas of southern Anhui is a classic.

Lok Yin-tang: a provincial heritage conservation unit. Hongcun Center Street is located only 38 years of Emperor Kangxi Dynasty (1699 AD), covers an area of 411 square meters, construction area of 958 square meters, is Hongcun Wang Shi built in the early descendants of the "three central room," one of the (2 for another three-Tang Li, Bao Yi Tang).

Yee Tong Tak: Jiaqing built only 20 years (1815 AD), covers an area of only 220 square meters, construction area of 144 square meters. In the small space, landscape architecture impose layout, small Bonsai, to fruit, laying them one by one, is a must.

Bristol Park: Park Bi Shui Xie Hongcun water in the house near Shenzhen in the first, built in the late Ming and destroyed after the re-built light 15 years (1825 AD), covers an area of 278 square meters, construction area of 256 square meters , Is a garden of the Qing Dynasty Hongcun Shuixie Home of one of the representatives of the construction.

Wu Shu Qi: Hongcun located in the southeast. Hong land along the eastern edge of the village and the road trip, winding in the right of the clean water, vegetation trends in color, to walk half an hour after the water suddenly open, it is Shu Qi Lake, the reservoir is now part of The East Is Red.

Hang wood: located in the mountains, Hongcun only 5 kilometers, but the whole mountain is, the car can only be opened to 1.5 kilometers from the village. Wood is a vast pit Zhuhai, it was known as the "pit-Zhuhai." There are deep in a bamboo houses, with the architectural style of Anhui generally different from residential areas.

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