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Xin Monument Park - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Xin Monument Park - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Monument Park, Xin'an County of Anhui Province is located in West River on the other side to practice, including the construction of the main three parts. First, as long as 200 meters Bei Lang, the twists and turns, to give visitors a sense of deep, niche Gallery, plus guard, on display for the steles. With the extension of the Bei Lang, an old Road column column, accompanied by Wang column, bar, column Public letter of sculpture, both for celebrity Wanli of the Ming pen knife, the best for rare art. Second, "Piyunxiaozhu" is a three-room cottage-style imitation Ming and Qing Dynasties, there is room before the court, after the hospital room, in-house style doors and windows, brick patterns, showing that micro-states of ancient architecture style . Third, the "two-ching tong" Hall is due to its name here for possession of two well-known rubbing from a stone inscription - "Vegetarian YU Tie" and "Tong Kam-Tie" - derived. In addition, a rockery, pond, Ting Xie, small bridges dotted the meantime, the Hua Qiang, Lou Chuang, transparent openings with each other, making it a major County attractions.

Monument Park, a total of Xin'an collection on display Mingtie behalf of the stone tablets and more than 200 pieces. Among them, "Zhai YU Tie" and "Tie Tong Kam-ching," the two sets of Fateh, from the collection of Jin Ming to the treasures of all things, has been praised by Shu Fajie for future generations. "Lent YU Tie" self-carved Wanli of the medium-term, the Department of the Ming Dynasty was Mingtie Wu Ting possession of home. Wu-ting, also known as Ting, Nan Fung County, Chong-life monument still Tie, collection of Jin and Tang were very rich track, was well-known collector. "Xi County," it reads: "National Tsing Hua University in possession of the paintings, especially his, for a half (Wu) tin collection has its imprint." Wu was also great to get the calligrapher Dong Qichang, Chen Jiru, by its possession of conduct Identification, evaluation County of paintings by the Yang family when (the word is not abandoned) Upper Shuanggou, their books will be etched in Farmington Department of pieces of note, there are articles 6 and 24 years Wanli (1596) Upper August; following Part 2, 1953 Wanli (1614) Upper June. The post is collected by Shi Chuan treasures, such as the Eastern Jin Dynasty calligrapher Wang Tie Jun 17, and approved the draft Tong Yan San Shuanggou this, and everyone out in the early literature Tiba Song Lian, Wu Ting proud to say: "When the world for the first 17 post, this time into the House, as a result of Upper copy." Yang was also due to copy "Lent YU Tie" Upper and "1:00 Mingzao the world." "Tie Tong Kam-ching" come out later in the "vegetarian YU , "The Ming Dynasty by another well-known collector WU Zhen-carved collection and exchange. WU Zhen, Zhou name, county Xin Hui people. He and Dong Qichang, is a good friend Chen Jiru, its collection from Dong Chen identification of the two, travel commentary. Chong frame engraved on the post for seven years (163), "Xi County": "its head over," YU (Chai Tie) "for more Goumoyijing. "It has received from the Jin Dynasty to the Ming Dynasty 24 of the 31 works of artists, including Wang Dong-jin," Tang Zhu clarify Tie "II, Tang Yu Shinan, Chu Suiliang, Ouyang Xun, Huai, to Huang Tingjian, Midi, Yuan Zhao Mengrui So has always attached great importance to the Shufa Jie.

Xin Monument Park In the area of the narrow, rational layout and design of Kit Kat. Beautiful natural scenery, unique landscape design, rare art tablets, a harmonious blend into one, won the popular Chinese and foreign tourists, in particular by the appreciation of calligraphy lovers.

Xin Taibai floor, next to Monument Park, this scenic park and the monument will be Lin Rong together, the entire building on the hillside and powerful, multi-Hua Qiang, Lou Chuang, Portal mutual permeability, the ups and downs twists and turns Beilang Wanting more than 200 meters. Li Ting height, the Department has sunken pool, whirling Zhu Ying, Huizhou for the private garden style, the park was constructed on Phi Yunfeng, a peak floor, there is water there, although right close by home, it is broad-minded Interesting taste mountain. Monument park in Gallery shrine, to display a county collector Wanli Ming Ting collection, inscribed "Zhai YU Tie", as well as the county collector years, Chong WU Zhen carved by the "Tie Tong Kam-ching." This monument affixed to a total of two sets of more than 200 pieces from the collection of Jin Ming dynasties to the representative of Chinese calligraphy masters, carefully carving , Said rare rare. Japan possession of a complete set of rubbing from a stone inscription and Rubbings as Fateh.

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