Saturday, November 22, 2008

Ping Shan - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Tang and Song Ping, said in Changning, after the village of North Hill makeup of the screen, such as screen, screen name and village, because of the Ming and Qing Dynasties have formed a government in Huizhou Yixian all nine, it is also called Shu nine out of every village. Residents in the village named Shu, Shu Fu is the name of the nine Shisunshuzai descendants of the Tang Dynasty moved here from Lujiang, 1100 squat exercises had been there for many years History. Save the village more than 200 buildings in the ancient Ming Ju Ming and Qing Dynasties, light Yu Tang, Tong Road into seven, and other ancestral halls, Shu Tong is one of China's few areas of southern Anhui behalf of the clan ancestral hall. Ping Village is located between the Xidi and Hongcun, as Xidi and Hongcun reputation too much, visitors will tend to lose sight of this beautiful mountain village Therefore, retain a small village in a quiet and simple. If you think that ran the Xidi Hongcun, many merchants are too noisy, tiresome, you can come here to Youzaiyouzai to spend an afternoon, you savor the real "bridges, rural people" The leisure brought. Traffic: Yi Ping can take to the motor tricycle, 3 /person. Tickets: season, 32 yuan /person; off-season, 20 yuan /person.

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