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Yue Siu-tong group of St. Paul - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Yue Siu-tong group of St. Paul - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Yue Siu-tong in the village, located a 7 momentum of the ancient arch. In accordance with those of St. Paul, "meaning Fitr," the order. Describe the rise and fall of the village for hundreds of years. These exquisite style Shihfang village temple in the male, female temple in the city of Huangshan is a major tourist attraction.

In the Society, in recognition of "justice Fitr," and other "outstanding feats" of officials, in order to thrive Zhao Ting made "outstanding contributions", when North Korea often approved by the Government in their home village, construction of the "merit of St. Paul" , Calls on people to serve as a model for Zhao Ting. County Yue Siu-tong in the past to a group of St. Paul Wood The main feature of the structure, almost all use of stone, and to the fine texture of the "Green County" stone-oriented. This solid Qingshi of St. Paul, Tingbo tall, gorgeous magnificent, Qiyuxuanang. By the Ming and Qing dynasties, the architecture of St. Paul also continue to improve it.

Yue Siu-tong group of St. Paul is the Ming and Qing Dynasties Art representative of the building. 7-day, ran one mixed architectural style, although the time-span of up to several hundred years, but the amount to at one go. According to construction experts say: Yue Siu-tong of St. Paul on the study of the Ming and Qing Dynasties era of politics, economy, culture and architecture and the formation and development of the Huizhou merchants, folk and even residential areas are extremely important value St. Paul's first granite: Jia Qing Ming Dynasty, founded in the year, more than 450 years ago. Four-post off the pier of St. Paul, the majestic simplicity, in Tiaoyan under the "dragon and phoenix board", the "imperial" should be set in which both positive and negative beams relief Lions have a pair Yingwu abnormal. It is reported that the emperor was in recognition of Baocan Life has not been official, as a result of education, children and grandchildren well, the Sun and in the next room to defend the land battle, repeatedly perform outstanding, the emperor was "three generations of young closure," its special Zuli Square.

The second of St. Paul: built in the Ming Dynasty Yongle years, "Cixiao," St. Paul is pro-emperor granted the "imperial system", Treatment of governance, can be seen. The inscription on the memorial arch, "Cixiao poem," recorded in a moving story. Bao see the father of a son who will be killed, they seek on behalf of the dead. The father of the family in order to keep boydii incense demanding his death, children and grandchildren do not calamity. Bao-Ci and his son on the next move sense of filial piety to-day activities, but also touched the hearts of those bandits. Long under the emperor southern heard this story, is pleased to write "Cixiao the world is unique, beautiful in the first southern villages," and will be allocated to the Bank ", Cixiao" renovation of St. Paul. And by the old system, the Royal title couplet inscribed on its. A few of St. Paul North Korea sealed the emperor, which is also rare in the history of our country.

The third, fourth, five of St. Paul: namely, "Building on the isolated section End" of St. Paul, "charity" of St. Paul, "Sam Jin section" of St. Paul, and so on, there are a lot of a moving story. It is worth mentioning that the "three strong winter festival" Square is a step by build. The husband said to be in stepmother death after going through Women, The son's wife is more important than birth, old age, after doing the family assets, maintenance of graves for the deceased husband. The move touched the hearts of local officials, to break the "Kongmengzhidao" Following the Square, Li's wife not allowed to practice, she made an exception for the construction of a scale equal to the other of St. Paul. This was despite the love, of St. Paul in the amount of "King Day Sanli" section of the word, but also Left a foreshadowing. The grass in the first section of the word and the following "Jie" dislocation on the sculpture as a sign of following in the room with the original status is not always equal.
Yue Siu-tong County Qingshi group of St. Paul, do not have to nail, it does not riveting, clever between rock and stone, can not fall in the calendar for thousands of years unbeaten, a straight A Xiao, a well-seat design and construction, built one after another by the Royal Crown Lease trial, the ruler of history with this special way to recognize those in society "contribution", which shows all ages attached great importance to "spiritual civilization" Building. These not only spiritual wealth left to future generations, but also left a cultural and artistic production Technology and many other aspects of wealth.

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