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Wang Hailou church - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Wang Hailou church - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Divergence is located in the vicinity of the sea to the north bank of the church Wanghai Lou, China's modern history is well-known "Tianjin lesson plans," the site. Wang Hailou an original here, on behalf of Emperor Kangxi Dynasty years, was the emperor of the Qing Dynasty in Tianjin, when on inspection tours to play. With the convergence of travel, many traders is the main sea and land transport. Wang Hailou Next, there is a strong incense Chongxi concept, Wang Hai Temple in the temple, and so on.

  Wang Hailou Bridge in the Hebei district Shizi Lin I, formerly known as the "Church of Our Lady of Triumph." Qing Tongzhi 2008 (1869) built by the French Catholic Church. In June 1870, the Catholic Church in France as a result of the abduction of children harm, the church was in Tianjin People burned, and this is folklore, "Wang Hailou fire," an anti-foreign religions as the center of the anti-imperialist struggle, known as the "Tianjin lesson plans." After the incident, the Qing government has killed 16 people patriotic, silver lost 400,000 of the two. 1897 France will be re-Catholic church. 1900 Boxer Rebellion , For the second time the church burned. In 1904 for the second time to repair. The original church built by the Department of imitation in the form of Notre Dame de Paris, for the brick Gothic architecture, there is a positive 3 towers, showing the shape of penholder, for the clock tower in the middle. July 1976 Tangshan earthquake when the earthquake severely damaged, repaired in 1983. Wang Hailou church was 988 years is listed as key protection units.

The church was in June 1869 in the French Concession Catholics outside the Department Divergence built, is a large-scale buildings, also known as Our Lady of Victory Catholic Church or City Hall, brick, 10 meters high, 30 meters long, 10 m wide , Was flat rectangle. In addition to the tower outside the building for most of the two-story, brick wall, pointed-arch windows and doors, with the entrance on both sides of the wall, there are 3 Corridor, in a slightly higher Gallery, the second aisle, is a type Basilica . Another of the flat-topped towers, and later in the chapel set up a small corner turret. With Gothic-style church. Second Opium War, Britain and France forced the Qing government to sign the humiliating "Treaty on Beijing" to France by China in the "rent to buy land in the provinces" and "the construction of Zibian" "rights." In 1862, France seized Wang Hailou the area within a radius of 15 acres where the "Wing of the right to rent." 18 6 In December, France to thank the missionaries of the Gospel removed Chongxi presided over the concept of the original foundation built on a considerable scale of the Catholic Church. This is a typical Gothic architecture, was rectangular, 3 Clock Tower in front, as if pencil 3. French missionaries to the church named "Our Lady of Victory Church, after" This French name carved on the front of the church bell tower on the marble. The call for the local church, "Wang Hailou church."


  The summer of 1870, and Wang Hailou church only separated by a river of mercy Hall III, 40 children, missionaries and nuns because of France's ill-treatment, together with popular SARS, was tortured to death. Subsequently, the children's bodies were hastily buried in the wilderness, a lot of his body on the ground, wild dogs were Zheng Shi, the discrete the limbs and most saddening. At the time, took place in Tianjin several incidents of child abduction, was arrested after the criminals have confessed by the church Wanghai Lou ordered the Christians. As a result, Tianjin On the aggressor long pent-up hatred, finally made a waterfall, the College began to be closed, one after another gentry assembly, the anti-foreign religions Jie posted soon plastered the streets. June 21, thousands of people in front of the church Wanghai Lou demonstrations. China has consistently ignored the people's great cause of the French Consul-feng, secretary with Simon, and broke into the aggressive - Yamen, to see the three major trade Chong Ju-hou on abuse, intimidation shots, the house will display to crush Zade. The way back, big industry, Feng Tianjin to the county magistrate raised a gun to shoot Liu Jie, Liu Jie dodge a bullet hit the side of the entourage. Simon is also the side shots to intimidate the masses. In the presence of the masses and the furious , Was killed by a great deal of public anger and great abundance Simon. Immediately after that, and assembling a crowd to pave into the church Wanghai Lou, Xie killed more than 20 evangelical and other priests, nuns, and so on, Wang Hailou set fire to churches and the Consulate General of France, together mercy. This "teaching in Tianjin," the outbreak of the process.

  1897 , With elements of imperialism reconstruction of the Qing government compensation, in 1900 the Boxer Rebellion in the second destroyed, existing Wanghai Lou churches, is 30 years Guangxu (1904) the third of rehabilitation. Shapes of the building has not changed, rectangular plane, 30 m long, 10 meters wide, green brick, south-west-oriented; is There are three towers, was shaped penholder; court side by side within two rows of columns for the three links-style corridors, rooms with no insulation layer; with arched windows is the steeple, the window glass surface by colorful geometric patterns and composition; build on the ground porcelain Tile, ornate .1976 in July when the Tangshan earthquake severely damaged.

  Now, Wang Hailou After becoming the focus of national heritage is one.

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