Saturday, November 22, 2008

Doosan Street - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Hometown merchants date Doosan Street, is a set of ancient residential areas, Old Streets, ancient birds, ancient, ancient in one of St. Paul's cultural tourism attractions.

Qing Ming period Doosan Street, a typical Huizhou houses Wang Shi house, Official Grand Courtyard Young people, old Xu private home offices, businesses from generation to generation Pan Grand Courtyard of the millennium, "Toad" ancient , A rare Mudun of St. Paul, "Yip's Festival Square, halogen," and so on, as if a long history, you have to talk about the appeal and the ancient beauty of the story, Qingshi Ban narrow paved road, distant, as if Dai described the reproduction of "Rain Lane."

Doosan very narrow street, is a slender Lane, in the alley at the entrance, put a desk, table, chalk, "such as selling a ticket," the word, but he has no table, I call the moment I have no justifications, go directly to the Account. I pushed open the door to an old fan, Doosan into the street people, but see a Zhaizi are deep and large, from the sun into the courtyard , The old houses and old versions. Liang Yi Zhaizi off from the old stone from the ground.

  Boudoir those in the bedroom, there are many in the large courtyard outside can not see the beautiful building, there is a harem, look on the outside layer, and so on to go into, they found an exquisite three-storey loft. In the Village The house, every window is a work of art, inlaid with white top, painted landscapes and legends. Some of the valuable antique calligraphy hanging on it at random, open the show in an open-minded tolerance.

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