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Foshan Tourism - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Foshan is a young and the old city, located in central and southern Guangdong Province, the hinterland of the Pearl River Delta, Guangzhou East Hill, west of Zhaoqing, Zhuhai, south, north-Qingyuan, adjacent to Hong Kong and Macao, a very advantageous geographic location. Now the cities, hosting the South China Sea, Shunde, Sanshui, brilliant in four cities and urban areas, San Shek Wan in the two districts with a total area of 813.64 square kilometers, the population of 3,110,600 people, is a famous hometown of overseas Chinese.

  Foshan, "Zhao Jin on track, gets its name from Tang." As early as the Tang and Song Dynasties, Foshan in southern China has become the center of commerce, to the Ming and Qing dynasties, when it is at its peak, Beijing, Hankou, Suzhou for the whole country Four of the town. "Since ancient times, there are Foshan," Canton Center, yarn, "" South Pottery, "and" the birthplace of the Lingnan medicine, "The reputation of outstanding reputation. In recent years, rapid economic development of Foshan, has been named the city's comprehensive national strength 50, economic and social development level of the top 10, 40 better environment for investment in hardware Lead a relatively comfortable life of one of the 36 cities, and the State Historical and Cultural Cities, the National Health and the City "double support" the title of model city. This is the Foshan to develop the tourism industry a unique advantage.

Since reform and opening up the tourism industry in Foshan at an unprecedented pace of development to build From industry and become one of the pillar industries of the national economy. At present, Foshan and tourism service facilities has kept on improving, "food, shelter, transportation, travel, entertainment, buy," Jackie Chan's basic package, the city has a comprehensive tourist spots, tourism resort 10; have all types of tourist hotels with more than 70 hotels , Has been awarded the stars 25, including four-star 5, 7 three-star, 13 two-star, has been awarded 19 stars, of which four-star 5, 7 three-star, two stars 7, a total of more than 7300 rooms , More than 14,400 beds, seating more than 30,000; the city has 4 large-scale casino, card OK Office, more than 200 dance; the city has 17 travel agencies, including 14 international travel, domestic travel agents 3; the city has 17 travel agencies, including 14 international travel, domestic travel agents 3; tourism in the city a total of 295 vehicles , More than 2600 seats, has begun to take shape A combination of inside and outside the reception system. The city's existing employees in the tourism industry up to 30,000 people, who have received professional training of more than 95%, have developed a tour operator types of human resources, management personnel, skilled personnel and services, to form a certain scale and quality of the The new army of the tourism industry. In addition, civil aviation, railways, highways, shipping the reform and development, has greatly improved the city's scenic spots and traffic situation. New in the city, into a bridge near the size of the 600; Rongqi, Ping, Gao Ke Yungang three direct flight to Hong Kong; new train station opened in Foshan, Foshan to the Kowloon through train, as The second internal routing through Hong Kong's port; be a modern highway criss-crossing all over the outskirts of Foshan, rural; Foshan Airport and Beijing, Nanjing, Kunming, and other 20 large and medium-sized cities such as navigation, Foshan to make more of the land, sea and air transport network Showed three-dimensional, Chinese and foreign tourists easier access to Foshan. These are Travel industry to provide a solid foundation.

  Foshan, in 5000 the culture of precipitation, there are too many legends and stories of the past, celebrities come forth in large numbers. If Taishi Leung Chu Ming Dynasty, the Ming Dynasty scholar Wen-lun and Syria, Cantonese opera artists Liwen Mao Qing Dynasty, Qing Dynasty national capitalists Chen Yuan, Wu Qing Dynasty Master Wong Fei-hung, leader of the modern bourgeois improved Kang Yu-wei, China's railway construction of the first person to Zhan Tianyou, the late Qing Dynasty writer Wu Jian-ren, martial arts star Bruce Lee, one of the leaders of the labor movement Deng Pei, WU Qin anti-Japanese hero, revolutionary martyr Chen Tiejun, and so on.

  In recent years, the tourism building in Foshan To speed up the pace, a large number of construction speed, there is a certain amount of new tourist resorts, scenic areas stand out, and started to produce good economic and social benefits. Have been completed and the opening to the outside world: the first phase of the restoration project in Foshan Liang Yuan, radio and television center, Yuan Ji, golf courses, parks Foshan music spray Kinmen and Matsu Cultural Center Theater; Haenam country Taoyuan, Kwun Yam Xiqiao culture Court, Wong Tai Sin Sheng Jing Park, Once Upon a Time in martial arts lion, Tien Lake Park Plaza Arts, the Hing Tung Road scenic view; Sanshui banner of the first Middle Kingdom, forest Hole Park St. Park, the world's largest Wofo, Qianfoshan; Shun Hui-ching Park Complex expansion of the park, Tokuyama tourism, Baolin Si, are an ecological park, the New World Convention and Exhibition Center; smart "garden" in the building of the beautiful landscape along the river with the "three high" agriculture and tourism base, Forest Park, a natural hunting ground, the reservoir Tourism Resorts such as these to the center of Foshan, including four directly under the city, the huge investment, Mode, static-rich tourist resources into a tourist scenic spot even that is changing the Foshan Naikan not tourist attractions, do not have a strong attraction.

  At the same time as, tourism dynamic Foshan, Foshan, such as Autumn Festival, Shek Wan pottery festival, clever hunting festival, dragon boat race in Shunde, South China Sea lion dance tournament Kite, such as race, Foshan, as well as the traditional tourism technology, tourism, food, toys such as Shek Wan, Foshan Autumn, paper-cut crafts, food Fengcheng, and so on, with echoes so Foshan is becoming a "trip travel there," the charm increasingly The well-known tourist city.

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