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Foshan Temple - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Foshan Temple - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Temple is located in Foshan City, Foshan Zumiao Lu of the city. It is dedicated to the Taoist believe in the north of the Great Tien Temple, built in the Northern Song Dynasty million between good year (the year 1078 - 1085), Yuan and Ming Pak Tai Temple, the Ming Dynasty temple should be renamed Ling; because the Song and Yuan has been here since Foshan procedure of the public hall, To link the name of the link, so Foshan people call it the Temple study.

Temple ride south, covers an area of about 3500 square meters. Yuanmo the original building was destroyed, five-year-Wu Ming-hong (1372) reconstruction in the future after more than two repair many times, the expansion has finally formed a large-scale, the system Beautiful, unique national style and strong local characteristics of the ancient buildings. Temple by the order in the north-south central axis of the Taiwan-Wan, of St. Paul Ling should, Hong Jin Chi, the Drum Tower 10 minutes, 3, Qian Dian, the main hall, the Qing, such as building floor, really, well-structured, the integrity of the system.

Wan Temple in the southern tip of Taiwan Is a Cantonese opera performances for the big stage. Cantonese opera originated in Foshan, Liu Qiyue annual report, out of the performance troupe have returned to Foshan, the dissolution of the old classes, the reorganization of the new ban. In accordance with usual practice, the new head of the troupe performance Wan must be in the Temple of Taiwan. For the construction of this volume Peng Ding Xie Shan, Taiwan-room three-wide. Taiwan before and after gold Wooden partition separated from the bulkhead doors on both sides of the actors for access. Partition of the upper middle of the sculpture named as Gods of Fortune Samsung; lower part of the sculpture opera story, "Cao Cao feast Dongjak Taiwan," the scene; were carved around Xiang, Han Fu-hu II. These carvings Jin Qi Xi Lian Knife workers, skilled and crude technique of writing mine.

10,000 Taiwan is the opposite Ming Jingtai 2002 (1451) should be the soul of St. Paul. St. Paul is on the north side of Hong Jin Chi. A stone pool tadpole Gui Yi Pan, is a symbol of Pak Tai. Hong Jin Chi for 10 minutes on both sides of the Drum Tower and respect the door, Su-side door. The two-door decorated with brick walls, gray and black pottery. The pottery is one of the most eye-catching. East Eleven ceramic image of the vigorous old man, smiling, hands Hokyo Qing, the Japanese symbol of God; the west side of the pottery is a beautiful woman, Enuoduozi hands Hokyo Qing, the symbol of the moon.

Due north of the three Hong Kam Tai Ming in the early years (1450), is entering the Temple of the main entrance hall. Building elaborate canopies From east to west Jinqi decorated with wood carving style, carving contents are non-circulating the story. There are ceramic tile roof ridge running through the whole figure-top, ceramic about 1.5 meters, the plant-wide 31.6 meters, from 152 personal objects, "Rubi text" section. This colorful, lively and interesting ceramic tile figure ridge, so that building -Tall all the more spectacular, magnificent.

  Across the three, ascended the throne before the Xiangting Qiandian. Dian-zhong worship Taoist gods respected gold statues ramie folder. The post is worthy of the Dian-zhong Chen Fang Jin Qi large wooden statues, it is important that the ancestral temple in Chen Fang. Statue positive points up and down two floors, carved top content "Long Ju Li Fu-Pa" scenes. Jin Qi as a whole class of the most wonderful carvings. Li's screen after the Opium War Pa alluding to the anti-opera actor Liwen Mao Yijun. The sculpture is in the hands of many people, hold high the reading "Lee" banner, which was also alluding to participate in the actual words of Lee Yi-Jun. Folk "Long Ju" than a "Hongzongliema" to foreigners in particular the British called the "Red Ghost." Therefore, "Long Ju V," is to tame the "Red Ghost" metaphor. Particularly intriguing is that the performance of this costume drama of the screen, even several Hunzhe hat wearing, wearing a coat of foreigners. Or they knocked to the ground, kneeling or Beg for mercy, act like a buffoon. Guangdong people are full of hatred for the aggressors. It is said that the idea of this wonderful wood Jin Qi, the Guangxu years, Huang Guang-wreath of fake death a year with the creation of time.

Qian Dian Ming Hongwu to the north is five years (1372) of the hall, which is the ancestral temple in the 1990s As early as the most important buildings, the local activities of the hall is here. Middle of a hall dedicated to Pak Tai Copper statues, bronze statue, weighing about 2.5 tons. It sat like a statue in Pak shrine, the benign countenance of the five repeated Zhang Ran Gone with the Wind in the chest, Wah Kwai costumes, naked feet. The bronze statue of the first light, all the hand-foot-west and gold, Zun statues brilliant golden light, the ancient craftsmen in Foshan is the technical excellence of the cast embodies.

  On the north side of the floor, built in the Qing really the first year of King Jiaqing (1796), is the ancestral temple complex of buildings at the latest, for the two-story floor. Legend has it that this was the highest in Foshan, Foshan Ten is one of the board House can really enjoy the panoramic view of the Temple and Foshan.

Today, the median value obtained from the Temple of Foshan City, the seat of the museum, take the door east west through the trees flourish, Huaxiangniaoyu the courtyard, into the Su-side door can be outside the Temple in the ancient temple. Chinese and foreign tourists crowded, the arts and crafts of the palace has been Youth sent to the splendor.

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