Sunday, November 23, 2008

Tianhe Sports Center - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Tianhe Sports Center adjacent to the East Railway Station, CITIC Plaza, the relative level of 83. Take center north to south, four Dongnanxibei door at the main entrance in the south, covering a total area of 580,000 square meters, the main building by a full-featured, advanced equipment, sophisticated structure of the stadium, the Coliseum and the composition of the Swimming and Diving Hall. Guangzhou is Before the largest sports venues. It was founded in 1987, was successfully held the Sixth National Games, people across the country to the left a deep impression on him.
Stadium design saddle used, the construction area of 65,600 square meters, designed to stand at the bottom of the 6-story building, 2 and 3, reception hall Lounge, 140 workplaces, with 400 square meters of the Office of comprehensive training, track and field to football field to accommodate 60,000 spectators, 10 � 8 meters large-screen color display, and other games equipment and facilities; Stadium was a hexagon, the gross floor area 22,000 square meters, the museum director of the big game 92.4 meters wide, 78 4, 30 m high, a seating capacity of 8628; swimming pool construction area of 21,700 square meters, the circular corridor for the exhibition hall, a large game room, swimming pools, a diving pool in all, a seating capacity of more than 3200.
3 In addition to the main stadium, the Tianhe Sports Center are also available with The match-ball, gymnastics, skills, weight-lifting exercises, such as stadiums, as well as information centers, children's amusement park facilities. In particular the 1996 World's new bowling alley, facilities-the-art, fully equipped, the most advanced fairway of the AMF of the United States, the country's first world-class bowling Casino . Six Games, the continuous development of sports center, one after another to build a baseball field, tennis courts, bowling alley, golf course doors, indoor kart field, open-air swimming pool, fitness Court, and other music groups and family activities and sports competitions and project sites.
In 1995 the National Education Committee to promote nationwide fitness activities, call Sports Center has taken the lead in implementing a comprehensive opening up the construction of the country's first body-building path, and to build a dance hall trees, open-air badminton courts, table-tennis area, children's activity area, fitness area, basketball clubs and other groups, as well as beautiful The landscape environment, the center green grass, there filling The sub-tropical landscape and customs, the entire costume of the grand space and a garden-style sports park. Will be holding a variety of sporting events, to carry out extensive mass sports activities, but also a range of large-scale exposition, set fitness, entertainment, leisure and displayed in one large-scale multi-functional integrated activities. Tianhe Sports Center in Guangzhou city has become a symbol of achievement and patriotic education bases in Guangzhou is listed as a "window", the new city of Guangzhou is the central axis of a dazzling "bright spot."

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