Monday, February 23, 2009

Chang Chun Temple - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Chang Chun Temple is located in Changchun Jie. Mountain Gate to the East, Qian Dian, with the hall floor after the enclosures are to the south, although the conversion but the basic integrity of the original building. Chang Chun Temple was built in 20 years Wanli in the Ming Dynasty (1592), is the mother of Emperor Xiao-Ming Li is scheduled Chijian ordered the Queen Mother. Queen Mother's death Li People call her "Jiulian Savimbi, "temple has been preserved as a Jiulian Buddha. Chongzhen the Ming Dynasty emperor, so that a painter painting his mother as the Queen Mother Liu Xiao-Chun, Chang Chun-hung on the inside, this did not keep. Temple in the long-chun There was an infiltration gold Buddha Dubbo copper tower, ten feet high 1.5, copper tower has been moved to Wanshou Si. Long Temple of Emperor Kangxi in the decadent years as a result of earthquake damage, after heavy repair Shoufupingpu donors. Chang Chun Temple in the early Qing Dynasty scholar Gong Dingzi next to the wonderful light repair Court. Miao-ray Qianlong in the House when the collapse, when the reconstruction Jiaqing, Zhejiang renamed Temple. Li Dazhao, and so has the remains of the martyrs in the long Chun-ji Temple in Zhejiang and stop resting place. Zhejiang temple has been dismantled. Changchunsiwei focus of Xuanwu District Heritage and Conservation.

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