Monday, February 23, 2009

Xiannong Tan - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Xiannong Tan Yong Dingmen Main Street in Xuanwu District unitary. Ming and Qing emperors to worship God first agricultural premises. Jiajingnianjian Ming (1522-1566). Xiannong Tan existing main building there and watch Taiwan's farming, God warehouse, Phi Thai Temple, cheng Qing palace, and so on. Masonry structure for the altar, a square, about Zhang Kuange 5 meters, 1.5 meters high, surrounded the Majesty of eight. North altar in the main hall there are 5, the first dedicated to God agricultural tablets, the East room of God for the Treasury, Housing for the Western kitchen god, to the northwest Zaisheng booths, libraries and divinity of God kitchen to the south have a Jingting. In the early Xiannong Tan was replaced by South Park, in the early 30s into the southeast corner of the stadium, then into the northern part of Markets and streets. Sacrificial altar to the farmers, only one of them. Southern was next Yongle 18 (1420) built by mountains and rivers of the altar, the nine-year Jiajing (1530) into a god, and the second arrived altar.

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