Monday, February 23, 2009

Shaoxing Center site - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Shaoxing half the South Hall at the former site of the alley on the 7th. Light was built before 2006 (1826). Mr. Lu is the former residence of one of Beijing. Shaoxing Hall building "Tong Yang-class", "Wencui Kan Fook Hin's" "Do not spend Goto Museum," "green-fang," "Ka Yin Tang," "Tree House meeting", "Yin Court "Xu Huai-vegetarian" "a nest". Mr. Lu Xun in May 1912 for the first time to live in Beijing, "Teng Museum of other flowers," the eastern side of the housing has rattan Huachi. In May 1916 and moved into the "Tree House meeting" to live. Is the "Tree House meeting" has been removed, leaving only a tree. "Fill the tree book "Wrote the" Diary of a Madman "" Kong has B "of" medicine "," a minor matter "and other well-known novel," In my strong view section "," what we are doing father "an important essay, as well as 27 and 50 recorded Thoughts More than translation. Shaoxing Hall after years of changes beyond recognition, but Mr. Xun lived, worked and thus are attracted to this visit, to pay respects, the pay still remains a lot of people.

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