Monday, February 23, 2009

Hall Tingzhou - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Tingzhou Hall at Chongwen District in the northwest, the front door foreign ministers Lane 2. Koji built in the Ming Dynasty period (1488-1505), the Department of the Fujian Provincial Association in Beijing to raise funds to build Beijing's unique style of Fujian's civil construction. In 1984 was classified as municipal heritage unit. Tingzhou North and South Pavilion Hall at the Second Hall, across the street. North Hall first built, there are size 6 compound, housing more than 50. Hospitals in the main house, a five-room of the hall, the hall was the ancestral hall, and days later Niangniang worship hall and the creation of the memorial tablets of ancestors. The ancestral hall building has a very elegant and the South The building features: beams, columns, door and window with all of the southern Chinese fir production, from the roof of gentle slope, after Qianlang veranda, gallery decoration to win a hand in plaid carved shutter doors and windows, open-top Gallery tomorrow to spend, like a sculpture Rafter-shaped nose, a sharp pick Liang Shu pictographic double columns, beams out in the first Loudiao Ma, God cattle and other animals decoration. As a whole To build a unique shape, Diaogong exquisite, light painting facilities, color elegance. The other into the courtyard have one, is in the hospital hospital. South Building Museum in the 1990s after years of the Qing Dynasty Emperor Qianlong built, which is also the great hall, Si Feng in a hardwood carving of the text as Kuixing, its exquisite architecture as the North Hall, Mold is also smaller.

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