Monday, February 23, 2009

Tianning Temple Tower - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Tianning Temple Tower in the Xuanwu District Guang'An Men outside. A national key cultural unit. Tianning Temple is a tower of the existing classical building in Beijing's oldest one of China's existing Miyan Shi Zhuanta a more typical. The tower, after 900 years of rain and snow weather the test of integrity is still beautiful, is today the most Beijing-zhen The remains of one of the architectural art. When Emperor Xiaowen of the Northern Wei Jian Si, the temple at the beginning of light, is in Beijing's oldest Buddhist temple. Sui, Tang, Li Jin from North Korea to trade Philip Temple, Tennoji, Wan Ansi. Bing Huo Yuan Mo Temple destroyed, rebuild the temple tomorrow, when it Xuande called Tianning Temple. Existing temples for the rehabilitation of the Qing Dynasty Tianning Temple for the octagonal tower Shi Xinzhuan Miyan Shi Shi Sanceng, 57.8 m-high, was built in a large square brick platform, a two-tier octagonal base, the base for the above-Block, Block-on with three Angiopteris Yang-layer support tower. Plane tower is octagonal, that is, more than 13 Canopy tower, both Shi Yan Xia Fang Mu-brick structure of the double-copy brackets, all levels of tower bottom-up canopies reduced step by step, were each made up of Campanula, whenever the wind, then sent the clear ring. Pearl was the top-shaped "Tasha" and the end of the "brake" that is a symbol of Buddhism (1976 Tangshan earthquake will be Zhen Luo brakes). In 1992 for renovation.

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