Monday, February 23, 2009

Yin Guo Jielou hospital - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Yin Guo Jielou hospital located in the Xuanwu District Officer garden to take to the streets. Officers located in the gardens and take to the streets of the new road between the West Guanyin in the hospital on the west side of the road, sitting north of the Southern Dynasties, the four-storey hall; East Hospital in Kwun Yam on the eastern side of the road, the only room between 5l. Guo Jielou between the two-phase, a downstairs door is the only remnant of old Beijing is Guojie Lou . Guo Jielou south of the "sleep bank" 2 words, to the north there are the "golden rope" 2 words, the Department of light 10 years (1831) inscribed in April. Guo Jielou Beijing is the construction of the temple a special form of Hospital Guanyin Guojie Lou focus on the protection of cultural relics for the Xuanwu District.

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