Monday, February 23, 2009

Liuyang Center site - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Liuyang Tan former residence hall that is located on the north half alley 41. Tan is the Reform Movement of 1898 Six of the martyrs of one of the late Qing Dynasty politicians, thinkers and philosophers, for a long time he lived here. Tan (1865-1898), the word rehabilitation, No. Zhuangfei. Liuyang in Hunan Province, a four-year-ching Tongzhi Born in Beijing on the 13th on Xuanwumen bad things slow alley. And Kang Yu-wei, Liangqichaodeng together and engage in 1898 to participate in the New Deal. His house in five of the North West room suite, since the "gray Mang Chai." Many of his poems, letters were written here. Mang Chai gray piece of the original book Tantongtongzi Gate Alliance: The Alliance is "without Dan Stone," Xia Lian is a "million-hung air-fu." After the change on the Joint "Seoul visually Renee, the Hu-day drunk," Xia Lian change "in every time, people have made." Restoration Hall, there are lofty ideals of a meeting house in North hospital. Empress coup, the 1898 arrest people with lofty ideals at home and abroad Has been trying to rescue people, persuade them to flee abroad, Kennedy speech, Tan said: "The foreign bloodless 1898 were not. Bloodshed in 1898 requested the Chinese people since the beginning of the same!" Martyrdom are determined to law, people wake up. September 24, 1898 in Liuyang Tan Hall was arrested and then killed in the port city of Levin. Liuyang Hall is now into a larger, but the pattern of most of the remaining construction.

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