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China Bookstore - Chinese tourism scenic spots

"Tiger glazed old plant room of the West, the ax on Xiucheng colored mud. Biancha Yu Feng-kissed flowers, Veteran rope ladder Han Guang Fu on." This is the Qing Dynasty Imperial College Jijiu was too great scholar of Wu Yong Liulichang A poem (see the Dai Lu, "Teng Yin Notes"). National well-known "China Bookstore", is located on the glass The well-known on the street culture of a courtyard. This street, this compound, together with the hospital, on the street "to Kaoru Court" and "deep Ya Chai", "Tong Wen Kui," "Song Yun-ge" and other well-known since the Qing Dynasty Beijing Shupu (these shops are now Chinese bookstores by the management) have a long history. Beijing Liulichang is an ancient culture street. In the Liao, Jin period, this area is the eastern outskirts of the capital of the Yan-yee to the countryside villages. 36 Qing Emperor Qianlong (1771 AD), Pit Liulichang 000 excavators, was found in a Liao Dynasty tomb, unearthed in Epitaph, a clearly documented here by the name of " Forgotten village. "In the same year, Meng Lang and Industry up booths supervision ... ... digging around, as a result of a Li-Zhen in Epitaph, contained only official Yushi large, single, Yan Jing-dong buried in the countryside village of Sea King. Liulichang Liao know when to Beijing East Village, the "Sea King" in name only see. Qianlong time since repair, "Si Ku Quan Shu", the national civilian - Beijing, increasingly thriving on the Liulichang up. At that time, the bookstore here to more than 30, combined with the rise of the Qing Dynasty to send textual criticism, Liulichang formed on the civilian Sets travel sites. The literati have come to Beijing to Liulichang to buy books for pleasure, then, as a result of the Hou Han officials living in Xuanwumen, and some of the Hall (with membership In the same industry or the people in the capital to set up the institutions, the museum has for fellow colleagues used assembly Jiyu), mostly in Xuanwumen outside the entrance to the area before, officials, businessmen and examination of the often-cited to play with the . Booksellers around the (mainly in Jiangsu and Zhejiang in the vicinity of the al-book) also carry the precious books to Beijing in Liulichang She Tan with the sale. A wealth of books, reading and shopping convenience to its unique conditions of the special charm, attract more seekers can explore, academics, give customers son. Late Qing Dynasty, built in Liulichang school, here are a series of changes. In 1917, in Liulichang Made the "Sea King Park Village." This Park Service is actually a spacious compound, Hospital East, South and West for the three paintings, antiques, stone, and so on camera. In 2007, Kang has been a partner with the people in the park to open "Changxing book", the sale and Culture (for) Leung (Chiu) works. 1 27 years of peace and the door open Xinhua Jie South, East and West since the Liulichang into two halves, east of the property to the main text, the book is mainly to the West. In addition to a number of old Shu Pu, a number of new bookstores, such as the Commercial Press, Zhonghuashuju, Kwong Chi bookstore, an open book, have also been set up in this book, but also increased the circulation of books To inherit the cultural heritage of the motherland and make substantial contributions. In 1952, formally established in the franchise's old books, "China Bookstore." Court to Kaoru, the text of John Lent, fasting, and other deep-ya bookstores are owned by Chinese leading bookstores. China Bookstore, the main business is: collected successive edition, manuscripts; lead, , Copies of ancient books; the sale of new books printed; new, an earlier version of Literature, History and Philosophy of various books, pictures rubbing from a stone inscription, the four treasures, such as arts and crafts. At the same time, as they are from the same Shalitaojin from around the country found a hard (closed) set Fragments from the old books to be careful sorting, selection, repair (fill), matching, and then sold to To the libraries, research units, or any interested reader, is located in the motherland's cultural inheritance, in order to promote the long-standing Chinese civilization doing quiet contribution. Scholars of the late Deng Tuo have this Fushi, praised this noble work: "find time to forget the book, people laugh wasted Mo; but the full frame Hou Ye (Note), Xin Ning speech And more. "(Note:" Ye Hou plane "that is," Ye frame ", formerly known as the books are more" Ye frame ")

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