Monday, February 23, 2009

Civilization of ancient pottery museum - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Civilization of ancient pottery museum in the old Beijing Grand View Garden in the vicinity, there is a quiet, unique museums, which Beijing is one of the first private museum in June 15, 1997 formally completed the opening. Xuanwu District, Beijing Museum is located at 12 West Street Nancai Yuan. Civilization of ancient pottery It is a museum with the theme of the Tao culture, museums, Tao is a harbinger of human civilization, human beings are also the source of art, there are five elements of the known art, Tao of the Chinese nation is the United States will and wisdom to the limits. Collection of Neolithic pottery and artifacts to the Qin and Han weeks more than 00 pieces of pottery, Qin and Han dynasties of the Warring States Wadang 300 Pieces of Qin and Han dynasties more than 1,000 pieces of mud closed a total of three series consists of ancient pottery and other related fields to build a total of about 2000, constitutes an almost complete and vivid history of ancient pottery. There are many collections of rare materials alone, Qin Feng mud can be seen as part of a more unified China's first feudal dynasty Baiguan "and" Geography ", the EMI is the Chinese political system, the source file. Civilizations of ancient pottery museum display fixed by the" source of painted pottery, "" Grand View Wadang "," stop dumping letters, "" Series of ancient pottery, "nearly 600 Exhibits pose. With the collection of cultural relics on display at the same time there are a variety of road east of the art of language Works out. Rich and systematic collection of earthenware, constitute a very small academic atmosphere of the museum. Exhibition held in the same time, the museum is also committed to the development of cultural relics collection of charm and potential value, including the design of the production from the cloth curtain from the extension of the original works to the screen printing products Means and Crafts style of tourism.

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