Monday, February 23, 2009

Yao Wangmiao - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Yao Wangmiao Dongxiao Street is located in Chongwen District. Covers an area of more than 20 acres. Founded in the late Ming period revealed for the Wuqing Hou Jian. As a result of Ming and Qing dynasties in Beijing Yao Wangmiao many, it is also known as the Temple of Heaven is located outside the city to the north of the South Yao Wangmiao Yaowang Miao, Yao Wangmiao a scale larger than the other. The main temple building East and West two parts of the western region is in the form of temples: the amount of the Mountain Gate gate inscribed "Yao Wangmiao Chi Feng", the original front of 2 large iron lion, the Mountain Gate into a big flag, Layue positive at the end of each year, put a flagpole Red Lantern, after the flag A time of 10 minutes, the Drum Tower. Yao Wangmiao South has three main hall. No. Dian-hall floor for the drug, Miankuo 3, east and west sides of the side hall in a palace 3. Fu enshrined in the main hall, Shen Nong and Huang Di and the statue of Sun Simiao St. drugs, possession of Weizi Manual. On both sides of the hall, the 10 doctors were standing. East side hall in a palace for Ma Long and Wang Wang, Yuexialaoren for the West side hall in a palace. The second tier side hall in a palace in the main hall and the first layer In the form of construction, the same size. Yu Huangdian for the main hall, dedicated to the Jade East to stand four kings, the weapons out of the West. East side hall in a palace fight for the mother of God, Nine West side hall in a palace dedicated to the Virgin. The third layer is the Basilica San Qingdian, Miankuo 5, the center of worship Senior's Yuan Shi Yuqing, Lingbao Senior supernatant, Lao Taiqing. On both sides of the sub - For a Taoist believed in more than a dozen other gods. San Qingdian with both sides of the side hall in a palace, hospital east and west sides of the legislature more than 30 stone blocks, stone for the construction of the hall when the inscription and the title of Eminent Persons in mind that this had not kept. In San Qingdian due west, and it's still standing side by side on the second floor of a small building, the downstairs is a Hall of Guan Gong Tang Minghuang for the upstairs hall. Runs through the eastern part of the building in the north-south axis. Mountain Gate side by side in parallel with the street there is a row of rooms cover the face mask in the first floor room is Lvzu Dian Dian, enshrined in the Pat Sin Lu, then there is Hall of Wenchang, Zhenwu Hall. Wu is a really Xilou bring up the rear, is the North Xilou Manual palace Wang Palace houses the memorial tablets of medicine and doctors of the 10 in the west it has a small side hall in a palace for the Ming Zhao Gong God. Finally, a two-story asked to open up and down the seven and a half Mulou, upstairs dedicated to East Princes, the sun, Dongyuetaidi, Zaowang Ye, North and South, such as Legend dozens of statues, mostly wooden or copper , The ground floor of the ritual supplies store debris. To the east there are seven or eight small compound, multi-Liao for homes. Multi-temple in the eastern room has been dismantled, other than the Shanmen In addition to the west, the main hall and three-side hall in a palace so far still intact. Chongwen District to focus on the protection of cultural relics.

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