Monday, February 23, 2009

Willow Hall site - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Willow Hall at the former site of the Chongwen District in Guangqu Men. You Cheng Xi Xian Lian Yuan Dynasty in the right front of an Caoqiao built a villa called Willow Hall, the University of disability and early Qing Ping Pu Mu name in the built-in Guangqu Men villa, named "Willow together." Willow hall covers an area of 100 mu. Stack Park Hill, planted willows and flowers . Yushu and the construction of buildings, building flying Kangxi Yubi reads "Inter-Lian Tong." Willow Hall after the ownership of Dan Wengui, and the construction of the Great Mercy House, the main hall, Kwan Tai Temple, the Hall of Maitreya, the fine-sounding name of "Nian Hua Temple."

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