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Along the port town - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Along the port town - Chinese tourism scenic spots

I along the ancient town, ancient land and water for the "huge trade in the town." At that time, many merchants, sprinkling in the market fragrance, peace, prosperity, better excitement, the ancient town now, the old Tun Jin Ronghua, and the new urban life in the town of Vicenza, in Jingya disclosed in the Xiaojiabiyu graceful.

  The bustling old town, from the banks of the Jialing River Along the port terminal, which on Wang to the temple, under the sub-Hongmiao arrival, Qian Yumi as long as Jiang's side wide, deep river; water potential of the flat, constitute a natural harbor, in this day of the Merchant Shipping parked less than 100. Where medicines Qinlong, Hunan, Hubei, cotton yarn, sugar Neijiang, the local cereals such as the hoarding around world are here, waiting on transportation to Nanchong, Langzhong Guangyuan, sold under the Hechuan of Chongqing. Today's terminals have been converted, Hull, is still trading hub, has Niaoqianghuanpao means of transport as a result of the day and night during which the shuttle is the most motor boats, although a few little old white sail and cross the evening Huanjiang The poetic, but modern Any additional noisy and bustling port Wusheng into the city to the list of the new King added.

  You Ba pier, walking into the street, which is called a victory lane street, almost all of them on both sides of the wooden buildings, many of the houses have been left vacant, we arrived here, the time is premature, some people only see in front of the A small girl sitting or daughter-in-law, it is Tsai To comb the hair like a waterfall, there is no mousse, no issue of credit cards into a wake-up call that we have moved a long sniff of a modern city used to all kinds of chemical smell, it's a case of pure How can so that we can resist Heart do? Shi Jing direction along the top when I look back, saw at first co-Street on both sides of the roof in early winter The morning mist, like a fairy "-veiled" afraid of this feeling in the Metro is difficult to find. Street democracy built on top of the hill, as a result of some primary schools, so a little quiet. Commendable is that this rationale was also retained Diaojiao Lou. Li downstairs Xinchishenwang I can not help imagining that summer night after the bath, lying Liang Yi on the floor, Pushanqingyao, Xu mountain to that happy, and so on, since not everyone can get to enjoy.

  Street, along the mouth of the ancient town is a never-ending change, it can not help but look at half Street. It was founded in the late Ming and early Qing Dynasty, 300 years ago, the Hui-home. North-south, the hillside, About 3 meters and 500 meters in length, the Jialing River to the north, west creek, north south high-low, the construction of more housing in the East and named streams. Walking in the streets of the Lobelia Street stone, touched almost double than the general portal of the heavy wooden doors, I can not help thousands of ex-threaded, can not help but to the wisdom of the ancients and the width and hard-working, here As is well-known religious buildings, mosques Ma Huang family is still well-preserved mosque. We do not see a bunch of palindrome under the guidance of Shu Shibu on the ladder, they still come to carry out religious activities of the Ma family mosque. Department of Family Ma Hui Monastery was built in Qianlong 43 (1778), continued construction stem Province 2008 (1828), with a total area of 410 square meters, 2oo years ago. Mountain Gate arch-timbers for construction, as a result of geographical constraints, can not access. Chapel Hall and around the mosque is an important place for al-Islam for Muslim worship, purification, and other religious activities, were wearing wooden structure Construction, small Qingwa face, Dan Yan Shan-hanging roof, and its highly decorative feature of Islam, is now the heritage unit at the county level.

  A half Street, winter and spring has been spreading ballast in the land. Looking back, that the ancient town of layer upon layer of Qingwa it a glance.

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