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Xiao River town - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Xiao River town - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Xiao Guang Town, is located in the city of Guang'an District in the Northeast, and up to the city at the junction of Quxian, from the former residence of Deng Xiaoping, about 60 kilometers area of 64 square kilometers in size, population 45,000. Xiao ancient river known as the "dragon and phoenix Island" late Ming and early Qing Huguang fill in Sichuan, surnamed Xiao immigrants are here, they said Xiao River. Therefore, Xiao town got its name. From start to the Guang'an City Xiao River town, while only 60 kilometers, but it all the way through Kwong Fuk, Michael, Hip Hing, Peng, Panda, Xing-Ping Yang Ping, Wells River, Hua Qiao, Lung, and so on Taiwan Dozens of towns and offices. In the meantime Xingzhen Association of Comrade Deng Xiaoping's hometown, Guang'an is spent Town city history, To "spend a second-generation concept of the Third Court", said. Taiwan is the town of Long YEUNG general of the KMT's hometown Yeung Sum's former home is part of the reservation.

  Xiao Xi's historical and cultural attractions and natural scenery, many, just to name a few. However, most of the major can be said to be "a decade old Jiang." Ancient ten are: Road, the ancient town, Old Streets, Old Bridge, the ancient , Ancient temples, ancient stone inscriptions, ancient cliff caves, ancient tombs and ancient city. Jiang is a natural scenery of the beautiful River drainage.

  Guangan Sujiangershang by boat from the garden, when you indulge in cross-strait CMV charming beauty and amazed when a small antique market on a town in your eyes, and this is very Ming and Qing Dynasties Color of Water Transport Terminal - Shaw River town. Town, formerly known as Xiao Xiao field. According to the "new state Kwong Chi" set, that the ancient dragon and phoenix state. There are legends named after flying dragon and phoenix. Then "fill in Huguang Sichuan", a name Xiao immigrants settled in this building, set up shop to do business. Here the river drainage system due to transportation terminals, Quxian is essential to the Guang'an Road, past pedestrians, traders and merchants husband more than resting on this, so business is booming, shops gradually increased, the natural extension of the street, to the late Qing Dynasty, to form a three-Bai Yumi long stone path. As a result of post-war, rampant banditry and the destruction of most of the rooms of the original Street. In 10 years, the local gentleman Gong Lin Ting, Yang Dry Hill took the lead in the ruins Housing reconstruction Street, with more than twenty years, the scale.

  New street more than doubled in the past wide, all paved Qing Shiban. Street, all rooms are stretched out along the surface Yanlang 4-5 meters under the ground Yanlang Jiexin than the open-air above the ground between 0.6 to 1 meter, Gan Chang Yan Lang in all transactions carried out. Is not sunny Yang sun, rain and the rain will not be large. As the proverb says: "A rain out Xiao Kai, the sale of non-Shi Yi; hot days before Xiao Kai, such as cool at home."

  The side street because the street is paved Qing Shiban, appears to be uneven, uneven, but Cuoluoyouzhi, Hou quaint, unique charm. The architectural style of the Ming and Qing Dynasties , But also antique, elegant Hou. Prachuab is the most well-preserved more of an old market town.

  Yishanbangshui town, the majestic Junqiao Hill is the Hill Mo Yan; is a clear green water of the river channel. Cliff stone carvings of different patterns. Buddha Light ranks will be the Peak, overlooking the surging River drainage, to make a few Pianpian white sail, Vicissitudes of life on earth to do. Drainage Bamboo Jiangliang An Congcong, green and luxuriant trees. Jiang fishing boat shuttle surface, A singing fish, especially small town so tranquil vacant, to the town were disappointed to Shangri-la.

  Not only the ancient town of Street, the old room, ancient Buddha, and the Inscription reads the same old. Cong bamboo forest edge, forest trees, building The different stone of the bridge scattered In the meantime, the grid will be a "small bridge, flowing water, people," the mood. To pay respect to the temple to worship the Buddha, absolutely exquisite taste a variety of board bearing the Inscription, and then watch the Qing Emperor Guangxu years of construction, the magnificent tomb of Shishi Ning Yang Yi, will lead away.

  If you think of calm, but the move A nuisance to the upper reaches of the river channel. Take a leaf boat to see if the two sides along, a few Sichuan Opera roar, sing folk songs section of Sichuan, do not have some fun.

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