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Deng Xiaoping's Memorial - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Deng Xiaoping's Memorial - Chinese tourism scenic spots

In this "natural Memorial", with a world-class tourism products to create a new scenic spots are quickly formed. Hill started bergamot along the city's landscape Avenue, close to both sides of the green feast for the eyes, the former residence of Deng Xiaoping, the core area of the protected areas and other important sections of the green landscape has taken shape, set to live, travel for a Village farmers off the stars spread all over the place. "Deng Xiaoping's former residence showroom," "Deng Xiaoping's bronze statue of the square," and "Memorial of reform and opening up" and "Agricultural Science and Technology Park" and "seeking truth" Forest of Stone Tablets, and other park attractions are being built. Jimusuozhi, flowers, tree-lined, many new homes, cool birds, the natural simplicity of the wind in the face of To come.

Deng Xiaoping's former residence is located north of the city Guang Xing Zhen Pai Fangcun Association, miles away from the city, East Block, west, covers an area of square meters, housing, clothing Liangjia funny, tile Xiaoqing, San Heyuan farm, surrounded by bamboos, flavor, Sichuan is a typical representative of the residential areas, since Deng Xiaoping to his departure from the Guang'an a year Living in this place. Now on display a variety of cultural relics, the true reflection of Deng's life was original, reproduced the history of Deng Xiaoping's brilliant life. Deng Xiaoping's former residence and are already protected areas to restore Deng Xiaoping's era of youth activities relics sites, such as Qingshui Tang, the benevolent rule of St. Paul, the Shinto monument, Hanlin Private schools, such as the former site of the northern primary school capacity will be gradually formed. At present, the former residence of Deng Xiaoping to pay respects to those who flocked in to receive foreign visitors.

  Bergamot Mountain kilometers away from the former residence of Deng Xiaoping, the rest of this legend of Buddha passed, the beauty of being shocked, one seat will be split into two and a half stone Left finger marks, therefore, Hill got its name. Tang Jia Zu fall on the tomb took bergamot hill halfway up the mountain, there is Deng Xiaoping's funeral of his grandmother and mother. Foshan for protection around Jia Cheng Wei-shui, bergamot Four Seasons Hill Fruit fragrance, all over the Hill vitality. Hip Hing Street at the end of Dynasty and early Republican periods, located in the former residence of Deng Xiaoping and bergamot Hill, Qingshi Paved street, as a result of potential television, Fenqiangdaiwa, antique. Deng Xiaoping attended primary school in the northern mountains of the street.

  Deng teahouse, Liu Grand Courtyard, the former site of the Bureau militia attractions are recovering. YEUNG Garden River drainage water recreation area of the park was built in the Ming and Qing Dynasties era, Bamboo reflection, Shuitianyise, do not Taste, more than the existing self-contained shuttle cruise during which the two sides have suffered not only by boat scenery, but also on board the real taste of river fish delicious, the shore house, farm music for different levels of consumer leisure visitors spend.

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