Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Beijing Endangered Animal Center - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Yongding River is located in forest areas, including a total of golden monkey, Hong Mei Green Pheasant, Crossoptilon at the national level, such as the protection of wild animals including animals, 40 species of only 2,000, visitors can enter the stock to the animals at close range in the region to visit. So far it has built scenic spots include: pheasant of the Chinese Garden, Takin mountain ecological zones, golden monkey Family-to dissipate into the atmosphere and scenic areas, Garden dissipate into the atmosphere white chicken, snow leopard Garden, Swan Lake and lemur island, and so constitute the wetland ecological area, and mountain monkeys fed areas, ussuriensis badger-like animal feeding areas, eco-hoofed Zone, Australia and ostrich final Muqu extinct animals. Yajie comfortable guest house in the district, sub-standard and the general inter-school , To meet the meeting, team travel and students in winter and summer camp activities of the team needs. Center for endangered animals in particular primary and middle school students organized a Q & A knowledge of animals to see the protection of natural video, engage in activities such as evening lights. In this year's Ching Ming Festival, many of the students here pay tribute to commemorate the extinct -I hope to arouse the people to protect endangered species of love. Tickets: adults 20 yuan, 10 yuan students, groups scheduled to visit in advance.

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