Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Former residence of Deng Xiaoping - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Former residence of Deng Xiaoping - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Deng Xiaoping's former residence is located in Guang Xing Zhen Pai Fangcun District Association for Deng's old home garden, for ordinary farmers Sanhe Yuan, an area of 800 square meters, housing size 17, wearing a wooden structure shake, Qingwafenbi, flavor , Tree-lined courtyard, Bamboo shade.

?? ?? door to the top of the main building's former home President Jiang Zemin wrote the hanging of "Comrade Deng Xiaoping's former residence," He Hengbian, on both sides of the door for the well-known writer, Sichuan Ma Shitu couplet written: "caring for the building of the dump, and here Lingsheng Ren Jie, Jie Wei poor, and bringing peace to save the nation, Million, the amount of public life giant hand; in both back safe and sound, Adams County Tianbao Yun-hua, Xiushan water, Xing Funong, one after another while you're Chung Kwong. "

?? ?? House displays a large number of precious pictures, at the "revolutionary era" and "nation-building period", "turmoil in years to come" and "open up a new era", "Foreign Affairs", "solidarity" and "southern tour'92," " Colorful atmosphere, "the Ministry of the G-8 , Demonstrated the great and glorious revolutionary history of K-Swiss exploits. A number of precious cultural relics are on display in the "home and family" and "childhood in Guang'an" section; "Love Guangan," showroom in the party and state leaders, the leadership of provincial-level visit to the country to pay respect to the photos and "southern tour Cup" The nearly 1,000 pieces of calligraphy and painting contest entries.

?? ?? Deng Xiaoping's former residence has been named the national base of patriotic education, and foreign visitors so far received more than 5,000,000 people.

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