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Ying Hua Shan Scenic Spot - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Ying Hua Shan Scenic Spot - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Ying Hua Shan scenic spot is located in Shifang county in the northwest, and Mianzhu, Maoxian, Peng Gubongsan area adjacent county, Qinghai-Tibet Plateau and the Chengdu Plain in the transition zone; 37 km from the town, 98 km away from Chengdu, the scenic area of 180 square kilometers . 3160 m high peak, the natural landscape is dominated high Scenic spots.

Scenic spots deep within the mountains, peaks King show, Yin Fan forest, wild-delicate fragrance, wonderful scenery and attractive. There are a number of water down to form a waterfall, down to three of the most unique waterfall. Hua Shan Ying excellent vegetation, "Ying-hua Pinnacle" reputation. There are rare plants Davidia, ginkgo Sequoia, Phoebe, Cercidiphyllum, there are viewing azalea flowers, spring, the camellia, lily, gentian, and so on more than 100 species; wild animals are giant panda, golden monkey, green monkey, wild ass, Ling Niu, roe deer, goats And Lam, Selenastrum chicken, Temminck's rare birds such as pheasant. Lin's well-known Swan, by nearly 8 square km area of pine, , Pose a Japanese cedar. A wide variety of plants, all over the Hill are yes.

Ying-hua outstanding natural landscape, the "five no", "Four Seas" (that is, to see the sunrise and watch clouds waterfall, Buddhist tours, shengdeng products, visit Huashan; sea of clouds, Wu Hai, Hai Lin, flowers) the victory. In particular the Buddha in the morning, the tomb of weak shengdeng Peak of the display, surrounding Lin Tao, the most prominent. Hailed as "rarely seen in the country famous."

Ying Hua Road area of travel on the road, the Department distributed a few dozen booths, Taiwan, Ping, the Church, Temple. There are attractive on both sides of the mysterious karst cave ? Qin-dong, Diaozhongyan, cloud-bat. Li Bing, there are monuments of Shengxian , Prince Edward Temple, cervical and iron temple was built in Sui Dynasty temple of the Dragon Temple.
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