Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Cloud water tunnel - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Hill top of the cloud water tunnel at 62 kilometers southwest of Beijing, north China's largest cave, on the outskirts of Beijing to visit the famous Buddhist mountain resort. Fangshan big mountains above the branch, Feng Qi Xiu Shan, towering old trees, clouds water tunnel, such as 9-12 Tianzhu Feng-feng and Doulv center for "Om 72" 000 Monuments, and the Liao and Jin Sui and Tang dynasties by stone, stone, pagoda and several acres of virgin forest, and other cultural relics. Cloud water tunnel cave-in of Mr. Zhao Puchu have personally written by the "cloud water tunnel," the three characters. Into the hole, then see inside the cave, stalactite, stalagmite dizzying. Cloud water hole more than 600 meters deep, natural shape Hall of the six. The first hall more than 50 meters high and 30 meters wide, the room features a rock Wo Hu, and Longtan, the door-long, half-hanging mountain, such as the scene of the fire hole. South Hall has the second Buddha, Enzan, scilloides Chestnut Hill, the Lions Lin Wang, Shiren, Erlongxizhu climbing big column, and so on Wofo scene. Chamber of climbing big column of the most cited Attention, this is a stalagmite of 37 meters high, Guilin chihsing yen in the top 10 meters higher Stalagmite, is not only a leader in our stalagmite in the world is also one of the few. Office of the third and fourth Office, the Office of five or six of the Office of scenery is very beautiful to watch, it's bizarre colorful natural scenery hundred Zi , It was surprising. "Ocean's 18 Church", a group of stone Qianhuhouyong Rohan, Cuoluoyouzhi, different patterns, is like a solemn silence of the gym, incredible people.

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