Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Kwong Yue Chi Lake - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Kwong Yue Chi Lake - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Lake, the beautiful, "Sichuan Xizai Hu." Lake and verdant scenery to its name, Tsui not be able to write every word, the scenery of the seasons, each with its own spectacle, beauty should be changed from time to time: Spring Lake Gordon House, see clear water, blue sky, jade belt lock Wang Long Beach Kazuhiro lake Liulv pink, bright as bright; Qinfang into the summer garden, drinking tea paste, hope Hill smoke hung over the city, listen to the spillway down Fei Bao, Dunjue relaxed and happy.

  Autumn arrived in a small island in Lake Temple Eagle's Nest, silver and beautiful wind towers tall and straight, Kameyama's totally natural, calligraphy Forest of Stone Tablets in the dust Qiu Jin, the people away; of the clean water around the winter solstice the Long Hua Shan, not only to appreciate poetry painting houses, Gurong disk space , Taste Dover quiet.

  With unique scenery of Lake grace of sleeping with thousands of ancient tombs group, a large temple incense, beautiful story of our ancestors common to form a unique and mysterious Lake of the history, culture, scenic spots, attracting many tourists come to Probe into Cuba, Resort casual. A is for the state-level tourism zones. The title of the dam on the right side, a big book written by Zhao Yunyu fortune, "Lake House", Lake House, a total of three layers can look at the scenery, you might see a little perspective, the surrounding mountains overlap, the panoramic view all the scenery. The male and female lions in front of the building, stopped to watch food, in particular the Lions co-mouth jewelry, want to swallow non-swallow, big Hantaikeju Bai Yun is on the left side of the t-wrote the "Patio-fang," House by Dan Sai-chu, green glazed tile, and so on, Diaolong dancing, old, very quiet. Another attraction Eagle's Nest Lake Temple. Through a row of the promenade is well-known sculptor Liu Kai Qu is written, "Gui Qulai" kiosks inside and outside the two together "at the end of wave table wear, ship ballast water of the Central , "And enjoy returning, to re-explore", written in fun. Ji Shibu through the steps, is a clear map of the South to write "Silver Wind Tower", standing here, considerable Eight Lake: Long Beach jade belt, Moon Fang Yuan, Silver Wind reflection, as late Longhua, Pinghu light-lan, run-off Fei Bao Mountain Range Rover, Jincheng smoke. A total of three-feng tower, aimed at various levels have to watch the water color Huguang window, standing at the window, so that micro-Feng Fu hit appearance, a sudden and will be happy to, United said: "Deng Lou immigrants, in Lansheng natural." Its Habitat's quiet, the beauty of its intention to do it.

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